Flowzario’s Wellness Rant Vol. 3: Happiness

Flowzario’s Wellness Rant Vol. 3: Happiness

Let’s talk about how gloomy happiness has become, and also a little bit about chocolate. For a while I have been toying with the idea of writing about happiness, self-improvement,... read more

The 9 Podcasts That Inspire Me Today

If you know me personally, you know that I love my podcasts. They tend to fall into the self-help, spiritual, and entrepreneurial categories. If you aren’t into those, this might... read more

A lululemon x Prism Collab for Local Artists

We’ve always felt that in order to have a true understanding of a city, you must first take a deeper dive into the music scene and the artists that call... read more

Need Emotional Support in Miami? Here’s Where to Start

Mental health and general health, really, should always be an open topic of conversation. If our hearts, minds, and souls aren’t functioning property, neither will our bodies nor the work... read more

Take Your Workout Indoors at These Favorite Spots

For those of us who spent a little too long loving our winter treats and fuller bodies, bikini season has come. We’re not shocked or anything, we’re just saying the... read more

Flowzario’s Wellness Rant Part 2: Gluten Chronicles

To gluten, or not to gluten? But also who the fuck cares what I do with gluten? I have been gluten free* (from here on out it will be referred... read more

Flowzario’s Wellness Rant Vol. 1: How to Tackle Stress

Let’s talk about stress, baby. But also, let’s talk about how to make it pretty much go away. Disclaimer: I feel the need to talk about stress, anxiety and all... read more

SOL Yoga Studio: Where Luxe + Yoga in Wynwood

SOL Yoga, short for Secret of Life, is a new wellness gem dedicated to spreading feel-good vibes in Wynwood just feet away from the local brewery Veza Sur. From its pink exterior walls to... read more

WeWork is Bringing Wellness to Art Basel

Cover photo by NY Times. And it’s pretty frickin’ special. Among the internationally-acclaimed art fairs and showcases featuring the world’s greatest musical talents, Art Basel has an overwhelming amount of... read more

lululemon Presents: Beats Per Moment

Sound, movement, and culture came together to create a #sweatlife experience like no other. Thank you to lululemon Miami for bringing #BeatsPerMoment to Miami in the most epic way. Music... read more

Body Art: Redefined

What comes to mind when “body-art” is mentioned in relation to the beautiful city of Miami? Kat Von D and Miami Ink? The famed strip of Washington Ave? Well, it’s... read more

Recent Grads, This One’s for You

  Let’s just take a moment to talk about the bigger picture behind our post-grad situation. I graduated college two months ago and am still job-less. I’ll admit it, I’ve... read more

Prism’s (FREE) Miami Yoga Guide

I bring to you, your Monday through Sunday guide to free yoga around Miami. Grab your mat, towel, water bottle, and homie. Because what’s a better way to kick-start your... read more

Biking in Miami: All for One & One (Road) for All

Traffic. It stops, it goes, someone honks at you because you took one second too long to step on the gas, and then it stops and goes a little more.... read more

The Wynwood Yard: Grounds for Possibilities

Ideas are brewing all over town, start-ups are blending technology and creativity, people are working together instead of against each other and the Miami scene is booming. Della Heiman has... read more

Pampering or Poisoning: 5 Toxic Chemicals to Keep Away from Your Skin

Skin: the largest organ in our bodies. It protects us from outside microbes and elements, regulates our body temperature and facilitates our sense of touch. It’s also the most absorbent... read more

Self-Improvement in a Modern World

I began my journey towards self-improvement two years ago, though I was unaware of how far it would take me. It all started with a mirror. The person staring back... read more