Culture Guide: July 16th – 31st

We’re almost halfway through the summer season and we know that, aside from the weather, things continue to heat up in Miami. In between the rains and sweaty weather, Miami... read more

Prism Itinerary: 24-Hours in Little Havana

Last week we released our Little Havana map and now it’s time to walk you through our 24-hour itinerary of the sun-drenched neighborhood. Historically, Little Havana has always been a... read more

The 9 Podcasts That Inspire Me Today

If you know me personally, you know that I love my podcasts. They tend to fall into the self-help, spiritual, and entrepreneurial categories. If you aren’t into those, this might... read more

Brothers & Brawlers Has More Underground Magic Up Their Sleeve

For fans of Brothers & Brawlers hang in Wynwood, they’ve embarked on an awesome new partnership with Selina for upcoming The Tower Hotel. Before the historic hotel opens, though, they’ve... read more

Lettuce & Tomato: Your New Favorite Breakfast Spot

For those of you who know the culinary flavors of South America, you’ll know that Asian flare isn’t uncommon. So when we stumbled upon Lettuce & Tomato Gourmet Gastrobar in... read more

Miami Neighborhood Map: Little Havana

Few neighborhoods encapsulate the breadth of Miami’s cultural spectrum like Little Havana. Considered the epicenter of Latin–primarily Cuban–roots in the city, it’s no surprise that Little Havana is Miami’s most... read more

9 Alternative Spots to Take a Meeting

Miami’s entrepreneurial scene is blowing up spanning the entire breadth of the city and beyond. With this growth in start-ups and local businesses, co-working have expanded, offering great places for... read more

Prism’s July Miami Playlist

Although we’re technically only two weeks into summer, it feels like it’s been taking over for longer. Not just with the obvious heat and humidity (and generally unstable weather), but... read more

Culture Guide: July 1st – 15th

With July hotly underway, Miami is sizzling with that true summer spirit. You know, the kind that simultaneously draws you outdoors for sunny hangs while luring you inside for some... read more

7 Places to Escape the “Miami” Side of Miami

As champions of Miami, sometimes even we get energetically exhausted by the bustle that comes with it. Every city, no matter how great, can get tiring for its own reasons... read more

7 Epic Moments of Miami Music History

Miami’s history might not be as long as other U.S. cities, but we guarantee you it’s just as vibrant. From prehistoric native artifacts to waves of immigrants calling the South... read more

A lululemon x Prism Collab for Local Artists

We’ve always felt that in order to have a true understanding of a city, you must first take a deeper dive into the music scene and the artists that call... read more

The Summer Concerts We’re Excited For

Summer is a time for exploring and celebrating freedom with friends. That exploring, though, can come in all forms. To us, discovering new (or old) music is the best kind... read more

Prism Tastes: Ofa Restaurant

The wonderful thing about living in a melting pot like Miami is that we can dive into the world’s cultures at any time. And for every gimmicky tourist trap, there’s... read more

For the Love of Soccer: CHARCOAL beer garden + tapas

A little over a year ago, The Yard Hospitality partner and local culinary OG, Ken Lyon decided to give The Wynwood Yard a higher-scale, outdoor sit-down dining concept: CHARCOAL. Patrons... read more

Over a Year In, and Support Local is Spanning Florida

For over a year and a half, Support Local FL has been dedicated to providing a platform for connecting with makers and business owners in a deeper, more constructive way.... read more

A Mariachi Voice: Flor de Toloache

[ Note: this interview was originally published April, 2017] No matter the realm of self expression, being an artist makes you a powerful vessel in many ways. Wether you’re lending... read more

Culture Guide: June 16th – 30th.

Date-wise, Miami summer is officially upon us, although it certainly has been feeling like we’re already deep into the season. With the afternoon showers and the muggy evenings, not much... read more