Targeted Experiences,
Promos + Activations

About the Campaigns

There are times when simple events and marketing just don't do the trick for what brands and clients might be looking for. If they want to infiltrate the Miami market in a thoughtful, long-lasting way without feeling "one-off" or obvious, we'll shift the strategy to spotlight and empower specific micro-communities in South Florida and use the opportunity to create a powerful platform for connection.

Instead of inviting anyone and everyone for the highest numbers possible, there are times where curated lists to specific thought-leaders packs a bigger punch and opens the door to partnerships and collaborations in a more thoughtful way. We've developed curated, "invite-only" lists for private clients like Stay Alfred, international brands like Perrier, and during annual events like WMC, Miami Music Week, and Art Basel.

On a similar plane, we also develop highly curated programming for specific cultural communities to draw audiences with particular interests to new areas around town. Everything from Miami's Flamenco community, our city's most elevated foodies, and even its die-hard wellness junkies. This would look like either producing and marketing hyper-specific events to creatives, small business owners, and culture aficionados to drive traffic to a new place OR targeted blasts about particular happenings we know our certain mailing lists to Miami's thought leaders and taste-makers would be interested in.

Using our South Florida network of partners and interested audiences, we'll also produce thoughtfully concepted happenings and market them to drive even further traffic and impact. Meet-ups to creative communities such as the Adobe Creative Jam at Canvas or the Miami Photo & Video Meet-up at Casa TropiSoul. Garnering artisan community engagement at The Miami Flea and West Elm's national local campaigns. Community-wide artist competitions like the "Transit Loves the Arts" campaign for Miami-Dade Transit. And in-store workshops and performances Madewell and Capitol One.

lululemon athletica, Apple, Glossier, Adobe, Madewell, Capitol One, Veuve Clicquot, Perrier USA, Moet-Hennessey and more.