The 5 Suwannee Hulaween Acts We Can’t Wait to See

October 8, 2018Pola Bunster

While the rest of the country spends their Halloween festivities sweating profusely in something polyester, we escape to the woods for the annual Suwannee Hulaween where we get our musical fantasy fix. There’s still definitely a good amount of letting loose involved, but it really is 4 days of jamming to some of our favorite acts of all time. This year, the lineup is stacked with names we’ve been dreaming of witnessing at the north Florida state park. Plus, some emerging talent to swoon over. Check out our top 5:


Those who achieve creative assuredness have the luxury of developing a sound that can still be immediately recognized as their own from the moment it’s heard, no matter the place and by whom. Poised for the uplift and oozing funky perfection is a band that personifies this rare phenomenon: Jamiroquai. More than just “Canned Heat” and the famous Napoleon Dynamite (or Center Stage for you ladies) dance number, the 10-piece British outfit has managed to create a product that has not only aged well (or better, with time), but drips with a sound that is so singularly Jamiroquai.

Janelle Monae

Easily one of the most creative and progressive female acts, Janelle Monae has made the music scene more vibrant with her outspoken and powerful messages. She’s been inspiring creative and expressive freedom for all artists, of every background and sexual orientation. Her sound has shifted quite a bit over the years, whether it’s from pop to alternative and everywhere in between.  Her last release put female empowerment to the forefront, blended with catchy hip-hop and r&b riffs.


I can’t remember the last time I felt so connected to a band. When I first heard their insanely funky bass lines, I spent days with a sore neck from all the rhythmic head bobbing that ensued. As their sound changed from an instrumental beast to a lyrically joyous party, I still found myself unable to quit my addiction to their tunes. The idea that I’ll be catching them at my favorite venue of all time is beyond anything I could dream of.


The dreamy, ethereal sounds of slenderbodies are not only on trend, but they’re as soothing as they come. We first discovered them at SXSW earlier this year and were blown away by the maturity in their emotional music and performance. We can only expect just how magical their creations will be paired with the draping forest and hanging moss.

Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs has been wowing audiences with her fiery intensity for a while now. She burst onto the scene with her hit “River” and hasn’t stopped throwing the gauntlet since. She’s traveled the world and has delivered emotional performance after performance at late night shows and beyond. The British singer hasn’t hit up the east coast in a bit so this show will definitely change the game.

Cover photo by Electronic Midwest.