Prism’s Monthly Spotify Playlist: October

October 5, 2018admin

Break out the pumpkins and get your spider webs ready because October is here and you know what that means: it’s about to get weird. Now that summer has officially excused itself (although the heat hasn’t), we can shake things up a bit. That’s a whole month of parties and fun before the gloom of winter sets in. As usual, our monthly Spotify playlist is a selection of fine tunes for every occasion and let us tell you, it’s eclectic AF.

What’s It Got?

October’s playlist has, just like Miami’s weather, a bit of everything. In it you’ll find it difficult not to throw on a funk face and get down hard. It’s all about having fun and letting yourself go, so you’ll jam to some of the grooviest tunes yet. There’s a mix of rhythms by greats like Al Green and Jamiroquai, with some serious disco and electro-pop thrown in. Some new goodies, some fun covers, and a whole lot of shoulder shaking.

Make sure to give it a good shuffle before getting into it.