A New Perspective: Argentina Through the Eyes of Juana Molina

September 19, 2018admin

The funny thing about cultures and their traditions is that it sometimes boxes up entire countries under a singular image. Argentina, for example, brings about images of Tango dancers, asados, and deep red wine. But many artists within that culture have broken the mold, taking the Argentinian story to different lands. Among those expanding the creative narrative is Juana Molina, currently one of the country’s most powerful voices.

A new side of Argentina.

Often compared to artists like Bjork and Aphex Twin for her unconventional approach, Juana Molina blends a plethora of sounds and genres together to create entirely unique melodies. It’s like putting notes to crashing waves or harmonizing heartbeats. It’s lifelike in the most surreal way. She’s been lauded the world over for bridging her folktronica foundations to experimental and psychedelic worlds.

Molina began her career as an actress, gaining popularity in the comedic arts around the country. That all changed when she shifted her focus to music and began setting her self-expression to song. Her brief time in Los Angeles introduced her to electronic instruments and brought her back to her home country where she has released seven albums and toured the world with artists like David Byrne.

Experience it soon.

Her world-renown live performance and stage presence is coming to Miami this Saturday, September 22nd at the North Beach Bandshell. With an opening performance by Miami’s own electro-pop duo, Afrobeta it’s bound to be one of the most unique concerts this year. Thanks to Rhythm Foundation and Poplife, you can experience this entirely singular sound for yourself. We guarantee you no one else’s music sounds like this and you can’t miss it. Snag your tickets here.