Commissioner Aims to Break Down the Barriers of Art Collecting

September 11, 2018admin

A distinct shift in consciousness is occurring in Miami as the arts begin to receive the caliber of attention they deserve. This rise in creative opportunities and platforms–expedited by large-scale happenings like Art Basel or the popularity of Wynwood’s arts district–has changed the entire intellectual narrative of a city once synonymous with shoulder pads and drug trafficking.

With this spike in creative potential has come a new wave of platforms for local artists. But that doesn’t necessarily mean more people are buying their art. In fact, art forms that were once (and still are) considered “high end” have had to find new ways to expand their audience and become more inclusive. Enter: Commissioner. The subscription-based program that helps new art collectors own works of their very own at affordable rates while ensuring local artists and their works stay, well, commissioned.

Local Art for All.

Photo courtesy of Typoe


Gone is the image of the salt and pepper-haired, spectacle-wearing, accent-donning art collector poo-pooing anything under five figures. “If we want artists to continue building our Miami, then we need to cultivate a new generation of art collectors and patrons who will support them at home: locals invested in this community, stakeholders in our creative economy” said Dejha Carrington founder of Commissioner.

To Commissioner, it’s about building a market for art collecting in Miami, outside the normal financial confines. “While there are definitely financial and socioeconomic barriers to arts patronage, support for artists shouldn’t be limited to or seen as the responsibility of only the wealthy few.” Founder of Carrington Projects, Dejha knows the value of making art accessible first-hand, spear-heading public art projects like NEWT and working as the VP of External Relations at YoungArts.

Photo by Clifton Henri


Breaking Down Creative Stereotypes

With subscriptions ranging from $50 to $1,200 for a year, Commissioner is opening a new lane for accessing art affordably by pooling resources and connecting patrons to artists. Paying a quarterly fee of $300 gets you works by four commissioned artists starting with Miami-based Typoe, whose works with Primary Projects and solo pieces have garnered international acclaim. For $50/year, Patrons access compelling programming, including artist studio visits, visits at collector homes, and special events aimed to educate, connect and inspire.

The first season of Commissioner was launched just last week with a deadline for filling up the first 40 spaces on October 2nd. The entire Knight Foundation and Locust Projects WaveMaker supported program is a collective work of art. Carrington has brought in powerhouses like (The New Tropic) and Primary Projects in as content and curatorial partners respectively.

Photo courtesy of Primary Projects


Check out the Launch

Make sure not to miss the Commissioner launch party, open and free for everyone, on Tuesday, Oct. 2 from 6 to 9 p.m. It will take place at “Tired of Eating Pigeons,” Typoe’s solo exhibition at 49 NE 39th Street in the Miami Design District.