Prism’s Spotify Monthly Playlist: September

September 4, 2018admin

A new month has dawned on us and you know what that means, fresh tunes to get you through it. Before you follow the masses and get bummed about summer coming to an end, remember, there’s still about 20 days left! Thats nearly three weeks of sunshine, slow weekends, and hanging with your favorite people. So, in true Miami fashion, let’s see it off with a bang. This month, our monthly Spotify playlist, is cooked up with that bi-polar September weather in mind.

What’s It Got?

September’s playlist has, just like Miami’s weather, a bit of everything. In it you’ll find some slow jams with velvety vocals and a whole lot of that end of summer nostalgia thrown in. There’s a mix of some soulful classics in honor of Aretha Franklin herself, next to funky remixes and gorgeous melodies. Get down to the rhythms of greats like Earth, Wind & Fire while diving into new tunes by slenderbodies, Mat McHugh, Tash Sultana and more.

Make sure to give it a good shuffle before getting into it.

Cover art by Paloma Rincon.