Our Love Letter to Shuckers Waterfront Bar & Grill

July 26, 2018Pola Bunster

Everyone wants to have their own “spot.” That sort of place you know you can always go to, no matter the time of day or year, and have a good time. Stripped of gimmicks and filled only with the homegrown vibes that make you instantly comfortable. To us, that place is Shuckers Waterfront Bar & Grill. For me specifically, it came as a gifted recommendation from a trusted friend and was entirely what I was searching for at the time.

The thing is, for a city blessed with proximity to water, Miami is highly lacking of solid waterfront spots. Where do you take someone who wants to experience Miami’s water over a drink or even when you want to take in the bay on a nice afternoon? Most of those places belong to or are a part of a hotel, are flooded with the Beach’s exclusivity, or are well-kept secrets. Like this one.

A Seaside Secret.

You ask a local about Shuckers and there’s a high chance they know about it, reminiscing on their times there with a smile. It might not be highly artisanal or overtly trendy, but that’s not what you want out of the place anyway. In an ocean of over-priced and quickly closed restaurants, Shuckers has stood the test of time with an inimitable chill factor. The boat-friendly joint has survived much over the years, still standing tall for regulars of all ages.

The breakfast buffet is a well-kept secret (open until 10:30am every day and overlooking the water on the second floor). Their happy hour specials are of city-wide fame, with fresh oysters and stellar wings (considered by many to be the best in town). You really can’t go wrong at Shuckers. The simple fixings and settings are there to focus on great conversation and comforting food. Don’t let the low-key charm fool you though, their food is still every bit as fresh and fantastic as you expect from a Miami joint.

On any given day you might be greeted by Kevin, the incredibly kind owner or be gifted with a knowledgeable and hilarious server like Matthew. You’ll spend an entire meal chatting about shared interests and similar Miami anecdotes. Before you know it, you’ve seen both an afternoon shower and a vibrant sunset masterpiece fill the sky, then night has fallen and you’re ready for another round. Time has no rule at Shuckers. It’s just one of those places.

A Miami-Famous Menu.

The bayside grill is such a grounded staple that you really don’t expect it to be just so special. When bringing a first-timer, they might even roll their eyes at all of your proud gushing. But the moment they bite into that coconut shrimp or take a look at the Biscayne views, they get it. And they’ll spend the rest of their time in the city sharing that same pride over such a gem. You can tell that love and happiness are served just as frequently as their famous wings or well-priced pitchers. Because to the owners and staff, being kind is an obvious second nature.

We suggest to hit up Shuckers with a good crew to watch a game, or even when you’re in need of not feeling alone. It’s a great reminder of what we love about our city and the people who, day in and day out, work to make it a friendlier place. Even if its tucked away along the bay and might not be the easiest to find, we guarantee it’s worth it.

Not to miss:

1. Pay a little extra for a fun cup which gets you discounts every time you use it.
2. The oysters.
3. The wings.
4. The coconut shrimp.
5. The conch fritters.
6. The grilled cheese.
7. Everything.

Photos by FujiFilm Girl.