The Best Ways to Get Refreshed This Summer

July 20, 2018admin

It’s one thing to stay inside all day and cower away from Miami’s unbearable heat, but another to be brave enough to be out and about and enjoying the season. There’s many ways to make the most of summer without completely avoiding it altogether. Whether it’s exploring streets of less frequented neighborhoods, or digging in to the city’s best local treats. We’ve broken down some of our absolute favorite things to refresh and revive you all summer long:

Ice Cream

Janel’s Pick: Lulu’s Ice Cream – a perfect nitrogen concoction to cool the senses.
Pola’s Pick: Chloe’s Soft Serve – inside of St. Roch Market is probably the most surprising dessert, and it’s vegan.
Izzy’s Pick: Azucar – by now everyone knows this Miami staple, dishing out themed flavors.


Janel’s Pick: Lady Fingrs – they’re the kind of fresh-fruit dessert every tropical kid craves.
Pola’s Pick: Bianco Gelato – their ice cream is delicious, but so are their homemade popsicles.
Izzy’s Pick: Paletta Vendetta – a Prism event regular, they’re creative and comforting at the same time.


Janel and Pola’s Pick: Non Prophet – you’ll find them on tap around town at places like Rail 71, Boxelder, 1Hotel and more.
Izzy’s Pick: Angry Booch – It’s an Eastside Farmer’s Market staple and now on tap at Verde Market. Perfect for summer.


Janel’s Pick: Coffee Porter at Veza Sur – a special collab between the brewery and local roasters, Per’La.
Pola’s Pick: Mega Mix from MIA – not only are they one of the OG local breweries, but their branding and flavors are so 305, bro.
Izzy’s Pick: Lychee Beer at Miami Brewing Co. – perfect for a day trip down to Schnebly’s where these guys dish out this refreshing, fruity beer.

Frozen Drinks

Janel’s Pick: The Standard Frosé – it’s a bougie classic that everyone can enjoy during summer.
Pola’s Pick: AC’s Icees Frozen Lemonade – you know the Coconut Grove favorite, it’s unmissable.
Izzy’s Pick: Limonana – it’s a classic Middle Eastern refreshment featuring fresh lime juice and mint. Find it at most kosher delis around town.

Iced Coffee

Janel’s Pick: Department – they might by from our Hollywood neighbors, but their nitro cold brew will give your summer life.
Pola’s Pick: Alaska Coffee Roasters – we love their tucked away coffee spot in North Miami, low-key and just the way we like it.
Izzy’s Pick: Aroma Espresso – take it from us, this is the best frozen coffee in town.


Prism’s Pick: The Biltmore Hotel – the most underrated wellness membership in Miami. Access to the world renown pool, epic gym and spa for around $130 a month.


Janel’s Pick: Sweet Liberty – not only does it have a game-changing happy hour but the “Velvet Sideswipe” is a great summer go-to.
Pola’s Pick: The Corner – because at any time of day (or night) the joint is dishing out some of the best drinks in town.
Izzy’s Pick: The Broken Shaker – hands-down the most encapsulating spot of “summer in Miami.” Its hand-crafted drinks and poolside flare make its spot on ever ‘Best’ list quite obvious.

Acai Bowls

Janel’s Pick: DIRT – their bowls are bomb, of course, but their full menu selects are up there too.
Pola’s Pick: Sweet Blendz – these acai bowls are hands-down some of the best in town and it’ll give you another excuse to head to St. Roch.
Izzy’s Pick: Under the Mango Tree – tucked away on 5th, this is an absolute SoBe gem. Their whole menu is special in the most charming way.

Cover photo by: @lindssseyyyy