A lululemon x Prism Collab for Local Artists

June 26, 2018admin

We’ve always felt that in order to have a true understanding of a city, you must first take a deeper dive into the music scene and the artists that call a city home. As part of our new creative endeavor with lululemon athletica to create a meaningful connection with local artists, we wanted to bring out an alternative spotlight on some of our favorite South Florida acts. Ramping up for the launch of the Artist Residency campaign this summer, we’re comparing them to some of your more well-known sounds for a better understanding of just how awesome our Miami music scene actually is.

If you like Jack Johnson:

You’ll love Keith Johns. He has somehow mastered the ability to blend soul with folk, throwing in some indie for good measure. Like Johnson, Keith brings about breathtaking nature, captures life’s happy moments, and builds friendships through his songs. Over recent years, he’s built up a steady following with a first Friday residency at The Wynwood Yard and booming shows around town.

If you like Celia Cruz:

You’ll love PALO!. One of Miami’s most popular Latin funk bands, PALO! is known to throw an epically sweaty dance party at every show. Lead singer, Leslie Cartaya’s voice is uncannily similar to the queen, Celia Cruz, and the GRAMMY-nominated band knows their roots effortlessly. Every time you see their name on a lineup or a calendar, you know that the show will transport you to the Cuban homeland and a simpler time.

If you like Alabama Shakes:

You’ll love Aura. These guys are underground and raw, just the way you want it from a similar sounding band like Alabama Shakes. Just like the Athens, AL outfit, Aura is electrified by a powerful female singer: Aura Peralta. Although they might not frequent the Miami stages as much as others on this list, catching them live is a treat and an homage to classic soul rock.

If you like Alina Baraz:

You’ll love Brika. That velvety voice, the airy foundations amplified by electronic elements. Local singer, Brika is almost a cousin of the Spotify darling Alina Baraz. Backed by the musical legends over at Art House, she’s mastered the electro-pop sound with a cheeky, low-key stage presence to boot. Like Baraz, Brika’s songs are just as catchy–filling your head hours after seeing them in person.