8 Brickell Gems You Should Check Out ASAP

June 8, 2018admin

Let’s be honest, among Miami’s neighborhoods, Brickell wouldn’t top many a list of “Most Soulful Places.” Maybe because it’s relatively young, financially and professionally driven, and its architectural aesthetic looms on the less welcoming. But we believe that every Miami neighborhood has its own trove of treasures waiting to be discovered. Every place in every city deserves a chance to be explored. So we’re here to argue a little case for Brickell by spotlighting some of its most magical moments:

Happy hour at Baby Jane

The cocktails are pop culture-fueled twists on some very delicious classics. The food is an ode to Asian cuisine with ramen, dumpling, buns and all the stuff you love. The ambiance is speakeasy-esque complete with a banging retro playlist. Baby Jane is still low-key enough to have kept that local cool we all love when crowning a bar “the spot”.

Stroll Through Simpson Park

Brickell might be lacking its fair share of green spaces, but it’s actually home to one of Miami’s most secret parks. Simpson Park is a sanctuary in and of itself. It’s one of the last remaining pockets of tropical hardwood hammocks and its natural landscaping feels relatively untouched. The 7.8 acre park is serene and a great escape from the bustling life just streets away.

Pasta Thursdays at Perricone’s

We know that Perricone’s is an absolute given when it comes to Brickell, but it just couldn’t be left off this list. The marketplace and delicious Italian kitchen has hands-down the most charming atmosphere in the neighborhood. What you really can’t miss here? On Thursdays, the spot is slammed with patrons waiting to dig into their $10 menu featuring most of their most popular items.

The Miami Circle

Discovered in 1998 after routine pre-construction archeological survey, The Miami Circle is thought to be upwards of 2,000 years old. The national historic landmark held various artifacts from the Tequesta tribe that inhabited South Florida for many years, with Brickell Pointe as its rumored capital. After hard fighting by a mix of county leaders, archeologists, and volunteers, the location was protected and our history remains preserved today.

A Boat Ride Along the Miami River

Have you ever ridden along the Miami River, starting from Brickell Point? We recently made this passage and were amazed at how much you can understand of Miami by seeing the inner-workings of its neighborhoods. You pass under bridges, artfully colored by local artists. Ride next to fellow locals on the same afternoon stroll. See the underbelly of our towering skyscrapers. Feel like you’re in a living breathing city.

Feast at La Centrale

Within Brickell City Centre’s breathtaking walls is the even more awe-inspiring La Centrale food hall. An homage to everything Italian, each food concept represents a different region of Italy. Don’t let the location deter you, their prix fixe menus start at just $20 including wine! If you haven’t checked the culinary Epcot out, we suggest you get your mozzarella on STAT.

Jam at Blackbird Ordinary

After the fall of Tobacco Road, Blackbird Ordinary is now Brickell’s go-to spot for regular live music. What was once Transit Lounge, another beloved venue lost to the dust, the dark music outlet still teeters on the edge of the neighborhood. It’s home to all kinds of musical genres at every turn, and they still serve up their mean drinks.

The Upcoming Underline

In case you haven’t heard, Miami’s going to get a 10-mile linear park that will completely transform the bike baths underneath our Metrorail network. Made up of different sections, each one specializing in themes like activity, public art, and nature, it will be our version of NYC’s Highline. Although it hasn’t yet broken ground, you can still get involved at the first section under Brickell Station. They have fitness happenings like The Underline Cycling Club you have to check out.

You can check some of these out the next time you’re in Brickell or before our Summer BBQ on June 28th! Find out more and RSVP here.