9 Fun Things to Get You Through a Miami Summer

June 6, 2018admin

We held out as long as we could, but it’s time to admit it: summer has arrived. Those poor last two weeks of spring never had a chance against the humidity that is flooding our city as usual. But while many of us think summer is a season of hermitude, shelling up inside some air conditioned haven, we know it means so much more. Summer is a carefree time, where things run slower and BBQs are everywhere. Travels are on the horizon and evening bike rides are alive and well in the later-setting sun. Here are some of our favorite ways to get through the season:


Keep the repressed memories of book reports to yourself, we don’t mean that kind of summer reading. We’re talking about spending time in some of South Florida’s beautiful independent bookstores. Breakfast among the curated selections and Bookstore & Kitchen in the Grove, or late-night jazz over wine at Books & Books. Keep your eye out of the Words & Wine poetry readings, or the in-depth lectures produced by Miami International Book Fair featuring some of the most renown authors of our time. Also, dare we say, libraries?

Day Trips

These can also be turned into weekend getaways, if you so desire. If our Culture Crusaders trips to neighboring cities like Islamorada and West Palm Beach haven’t inspired you, you’re missing out. With the Brightline, you can hit up most of South Florida in a fraction of the time. Florida is also filled with dozens of refreshing fresh water springs just waiting for a cannonball. Rainbow Springs, Ginnie Springs, and Juniper Springs are all on the top of our list.

All of the Fruits.

‘Tis the season, y’all. Anyone who grew up in South Florida knows the smell of fallen mangoes, and yet somehow still finds them among the most delicious of fruits. I used to spend my summer mornings selling our freshly-picked avocados for $1 a pop. Lucrative, I know. Get close to those friends of yours boasting about flowering trees in their backyards. We’re talking mangoes, lychees, avocados–gang’s all here and ripe for the picking. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have while doing it!


The great thing about going to see a live show is that it doesn’t just have to take place outside to be big and badass. Summertime is festival season which means it’s also ripe in its own way. Your favorite acts are routing their tours across the country and South Florida gets some of its best scraps. We say to keep your eye on the big guns like The Arsht Center or Live Nation (both Fillmore and Revolution Live) for bigger names. But don’t overlook local venues like The Ground, the North Beach Bandshell, Churchill’s and Gramps either.


We know this one’s a little too obvious, but it’s still worth being said. For those of us who don’t live by the beach, it can get easy to let many weeks pass by without taking a trip to the sand. So try for something a little closer like the pool. Venetian pool is always nice, better on the weekdays than ends. Then there’s The Standard for a little something more upscale (but worth it). Of course, it wouldn’t be summer without those friends to mooch both a pool and a boat off of.

Ice cream.

The image of a melting popsicle, dripping its brightly colored flavors onto your hands is quintessential summer. It’s also a great way to give yourself a well-deserved treat for making it through the heat. Miami’s frozen dessert game has gotten stronger in recent years, with more options than ever. Bianco Gelato in Coconut Grove serves up organic homemade creamy goodness, with plenty of vegan options too. Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream in Edgewater is a local favorite, as is Whip N Dip in South Miami. If you have more time, hit of St. Roch Market for lunch and have some of Chef Chloe’s match soft serve. You’ll thank us later.


More than just the big summer blockbuster releases, it’s a great time to catch up on some flicks. The great thing about this current intellectual boom is that Miami’s art cinemas are popping off with dope selections. O Cinema in both Wynwood and Miami Beach has all of the award season favorites coming up. Coral Gables Arts Cinema features a wide variety of obscure screenings and family-friendly releases. The Tower Theater is lining up with past and future film festival favorites. And don’t forget Night Owl Theater for their late night cult classic showings.

Doing the Good Work.

We tend to think of summer as “me” time. A time for relaxing and getting our bearings straight for the coming year. In reality, it’s a difficult season for those of us who don’t have that luxury. This season, dedicate some time to giving back and helping set the planet back on track (somewhat). Volunteer Cleanup has a full list of city-wide and beach cleanups in our hometown. There’s also places like Lotus House and the Chapman Partnership for hands-on work with people in need. We suggest starting with The New Tropic’s guide to volunteering for a full spectrum of opportunities.