Prism’s June Summer Playlist

June 4, 2018Pola Bunster

Here it is, people. The season we have been hoping would never come but whose heat has now slapped us hard in the face every time we walk outside. Summer might be a drag from some, but to us, it’s the season of BBQs, no school, long beach days, and excitement for new adventures. It’s nostalgia wrapped up in one hot and sweaty few months. It’s basically every scene from The Sandlot. But June, see, June is different. The first month is a little slower than the rest with its extended rainy weeks and glorious pockets of sun. The only way we can really capture it is in the latest of our monthly Spotify playlists:

What’s in it?

So this month’s playlist is well seasoned with sounds from around the world, sprinkled with hazy jams, and cooked in a whole lot of nostalgia. You’ll find Parisian and Argentinian tunes, legends like James Brown intermixing with emerging acts like Bahamas. There’s even some local love thrown in there. These puppies are meant to be shuffled so you can just lean back and do what summer does best: relax.