Monsieur Periné is a Joy to Experience

June 4, 2018admin

Dance hall vibes are alive and well within the musical stylings of Colombian group, Monsieur Periné. With nostalgia as their vehicle, they transport any listener to a simpler time where color and music converged. The GRAMMY-winning outfit has won over the hearts and souls of many around the world, not excluding our very own backyard. But more on that in a bit.

Synesthesia at its Finest.

One of the most entertaining and emerging Latin American artists, Monsieur Periné disrupted the Latin music world with their first album, Caja De Musica. It was a perfect representation of the mark they would have on the industry: a reimagination of traditional sounds with a modern twist. The group takes elements of jazz, pop and swing and merges them with cumbia, tango, and more for a viscerally upbeat experience. Your hips are no match for many of their charming tunes.

Immediately, the music scene took notice. Accolade after accolade, Monsieur Periné was eventually invited onto the coveted NPR Tiny Desk Concert series to seal our love. More than their music, the Bogota-based group is also a perfect collection of theatrical performers. They know how to hold your attention outside the confines of a concert or album. Their costumes are vibrant, cheeky, and full of personality. Just like the artists themselves. When the group first came to Miami in 2016, it wasn’t long before the fire was lit under local collaborations. Their performance with Nu Deco Ensemble that followed is remembered as one of their most magical.

And guess what? Monsieur Periné is once again gracing the North Beach Bandshell stage but this time, for a full-blown headlining show. That’s right! The Colombia jukebox is back this Sunday, June 10th thanks to the amazing culture vultures at The Rhythm Foundation. NPR says “Words don’t do this band justice” so we’ll let their videos, and the live performance you won’t miss, speak for themselves. Make sure to buy tickets.