Bookstore & Kitchen Has a New Coconut Grove Home

May 29, 2018Janel Allen

Bookstore & Kitchen has found a new home in the heart of Coconut Grove. Owner Amanda DeSeta and Chef Adriana Egozcue created yet another welcoming space dedicated to the marriage between food and culture. For those local literary fans who spent their days cozying up on the couches in their old Mayfair location, they’ve finally opened their doors along Main Highway where the Akashi chain once stood.

With the new spot comes some pretty wonderful additions, both to their menu and the space in general. The culinary identity puts vegetables center stage with a seasonal menu featuring fresh items and local goods. As usual, they’re committed to strengthening ties to local artisans all over the store and kitchen. From Nummies Bake Shop cookies and cakes to Zak the Baker bread, it’s a tribute to some of Miami’s most delicious creations.

Both DeSeta and Egozcue want the new space to become a community hub in the Grove, with their courtyard as a neighborhood meeting space. Internally, their motto is all about fostering that creativity. They make everything from scratch, cure their own meats, make their own queso fresco–all in an effort to control their quality.

The bookstore itself might not be the same size as its former location, but the contents are highly-curated. Their impeccable selections give a unique view into the world, just as Chef Adriana’s cooking. Among the shelves you’ll even find cookbooks hand-picked by the chef herself. These kinds of details are why it was nominated for Best Bookstore by Miami New Times and why, despite having some changes over the years, people keep coming back.

Beer and wine, and Cards Against Humanity game nights coming soon.

Photos by FujiFilm Girl.