Prism’s May Playlist

May 1, 2018admin

In case you haven’t been outside yet for an extended amount of time, Miami’s weather is getting real sticky. Slowly building like a groovy tune, our air is rising with the heat that only summer’s fun can bring. To us, May means we’re getting one step closer to the long days and rowdy nights our steamiest season brings. But, it’s still technically spring so we have to nod our heads off to that. For May, we wanted our monthly Spotify playlist to equal what we all love: good vibes, sexy vocals, and a whole lot of rhythm.

Who’s in it?

You’ll jam to sounds from all over the world in this month’s playlist; Canada, Brazil, Great Britain and Australia are all there. The selection of tunes features some well-known favorites like Miami Horror and Flight Facilities for a disco groove. Make sure to leave ear space for the up-and-comers like Kid Bloom, Louis The Child, and Washed Out.