Ana Maria Maiolino: A Loud Voice in Brazilian Art

April 6, 2018admin

If we know anything about the present moment, we know how fickle it can last. Particularly in such a heated climate around the world, a stable environment is more rare to find for most people on the planet. And even more difficult still is educating those who might have it easier, on how unstable life is for everyone else. Brazilian artist Anna Maria Maiolino has found a way to build that bridge.

The critically-lauded artist forces audiences to literally put themselves into the shoes of others in her internationally-toured piece “Entrevidas.” The piece was originally conceived in 1981, in the period between the end of Brazil’s military dictatorship and the democratic opening. Spectators were invited to cross an obstacle course of hundreds of eggs on a cobbled street of Rio de Janeiro to experience feelings of uncertainty and risk, while also asserting the resilience of life and of new beginnings.

Imagine living a comfortable day to day, heading to a show with some friends, and being put into a situation in which you might not have wanted to experience. It might not be ideal, but the end result is astounding. Not only does the imbalance of having to walk along eggs bring about nostalgia, it also insights uncertainty and even fear. It reminds us that even the most sure things are not always clear. The Museum of Art and Design at MDC has brought this conversation to the forefront for the continuation of their Living Together campaign.

On April 21st, Anna Maria Maiolino will perform ‘Entrevidas’ at the newly re-opened museum. The interactive performance is free, but make sure to reserve your spot to have a chance to experience it for yourself.