Checking Back into Casa TropiSoul

March 26, 2018admin

Almost four months ago, we partnered with DISfunkshion Magazine and Ace Props to open a home for creatives in Miami. Since then, Casa TropiSoul has not only served as an escape from the regular day-to-day or a communal space for shared creative development, but a haven for those of us who need to feel a part of a community–especially when they’re so hard to find. We’ve had workshops and talks, open work days and pop-ups, and every time our TropiFamily has grown even further.

Check out what’s coming up these next few weeks:

Wednesday, April 4th:

Instagram Workshop – Instagram CPR: Reviving the flow, growth, connection and visibility of your offering with intention. Disfunkshion Magazine’s CEO, Hugette Montesinos, will be sharing the top algorithm hacks, the habits that lead to growth and an engaged community and a clear strategy that leads to profits for any kind of business offering. RSVP here.

Wednesday, April 25th:

Pretty Brave Conversations with Emily Nolan – Breaking through a culture of polarized perfection with Emily Nolan of TOPLESS yoga and DISfunkshion Magazine’s Hugette Montesinos. Break down the barriers and enter our space to explore genuine topics like mind & body connection, re-defining our past & its role in our identity, and navigating womanhood in a digital era. Digging deep into how living in a polarized culture of perfection affects our relationships with others, ourselves, and ultimately our own body image. RSVP here.

Wednesday, May 2nd:

Soul Time Management Round 2 – Are you a creative entrepreneur that can’t seem to get everything into your schedule? Is your dream biz a side hustle that never gets enough lovin’? We got your back. DISfunkshion Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief and Casa TropiSoul’s Co-founder, Hugette Montesinos will be giving a workshop on the top strategies for effective time-management, high-performance habits and organization for the cluttered mind. RSVP here.

Coming Soon:

There’s a lot we’re working to bring in the coming months. Did someone say a bazaar? What about meditation workshops and self-exploration? Last week’s video workshop was such a success, you can definitely expect another round there. And whispers of an extra-special photo collaboration with Body Glove and DISfunkshion Magazine. Stay tuned!