The History of MDC’s Museum of Art + Design

March 21, 2018admin

We know that Miami doesn’t have a lack of culture, but it does often feel too widespread to digest. Which is why creative gathering spaces like museums and institutions are necessary. These places allow the identity of a city to become embedded with creativity year-round. As we continue to grow in our current cultural adolescence, we’re thankful for places like MDC’s Museum of Art + Design for keeping that alive.

Miami Dade College has a long and rich history of involvement in the cultural arts. It has long-since provided South Florida with a vast array of artistic and literary offerings. From the Miami Book Fair International, and Miami Film Festival, to the Cuban Cinema Series, MDC Live Arts, and more. Reopening to the public on April 6th, MOAD will once again provide an artistic platform for all of Miami.

At Art’s Intersection.

Over recent years, MOAD has quickly carved a name for itself as a leading vessel for international art and exhibitions. It has helped fill some of the voids yearning to be filled with compelling creative content. As Miami Dade College’s flagship institution, it’s dedicated to the presentation and exhibition of visual art and design, and beyond.

Photo by WhereTraveler


MOAD was established as a formal museum in August of 2012 with more than 17,000 square feet of exhibition space. It’s known for its presentation of exhibitions by emerging artists, as well as major figures in modern, post-modern and contemporary art.

The museum is housed in the historic Freedom Tower amidst neighbors like Miami Film Festival and The Center for Literature and Theater. Instead of emphasizing the obvious, MOAD focuses on the unique and on-the-cusp. Many of its campaigns are historical or educational to better enrich our community through the arts. Their permanent art collection and archives are growing at the same thoughtful rate.

We’re in it Together.

More than a museum where patrons can stand and observe, it encourages avenues for conversations. In fact it urges them to explore the roots of the exhibitions at hand. Through that, it explores the intersections of art, design, and other art forms with cultural action. It celebrates the risk-takers, the visionaries, and all those who wish to feel a part of something.

Currently, the Museum of Art + Design is sprinkling the city with their largest on-going campaign yet: Living Together. The exhibition revolves around current political, social, and international issues expressed through the arts. The alternate perspectives are an essential way to dissect necessary conversations and explore these issues together. On March 29th, the exhibition continues with a free screening of Do Not Resist, a documentary on the justice system. It explores its transformation and current status since 9/11–a relevant topic right now. Find out more here.