Prism’s March Playlist

March 1, 2018admin

For us, the month of March brings new tidings of sunshine, sweetness, and the early bloom of spring. It still hasn’t let go of the slow winter days, but is diving head first into hotter, brighter weather. In Miami, March is the best of both worlds. To celebrate what is one of our city’s most gorgeous months, we thought we’d continue our monthly playlists with something colorful. This month’s round up is filled to the brim with world sounds, soulful vocals, and a whole lot of FUNK.

Who’s in it?

You’ll find delicious rhythms from Brazil and France, to Argentina and Brooklyn. Some beloved artists like Devendra Banhart and Amy Winehouse make an appearance. Plus, addictive newcomers like Parcels, The Suffers, and Brasstracks. Perfect for a sunny drive or an office pick-me-up, hit shuffle and lean back.

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