6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Pilobolus’ “Shadowland”

February 7, 2018admin

Dance has been a long-time root for artistic and physical expression across the world. For centuries, cultures have told their stories through movement, either paired with music or not. But few troupes have mastered such physical innovation as the American modern dance company Pilobolus. Founded nearly 50 years ago, the company wowed the world with their fresh perspective on the marriage agility and grace. Their full-length production “Shadowland” comes to the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center on Sunday, February 18th! In anticipation of the performance, we’ve taken a deep dive into what makes them just so special:

Danced with Ok Go

Ok Go is a band known for its catchy tunes but also their impressive and interactive music videos. From coordinated treadmill dancing to one-shot warehouse sets, they’ve done almost everything to match their music. In 2012, they partnered with Pilobolus for their song “All Is Not Lost” to create a kaleidoscope-like dance number. Check out the behind the scenes & final product:

They Went to The Oscars

The first time Ellen Degeneres hosted The Academy Awards was back in 2007. That year, the dance company was invited to re-create the year’s best pictures through dance. Titles like Devil Wears Prada, Snakes On A Plane, and Happy Feet all made the list. They created film posters from behind a colossal scrim and took our breath away.

It’s Named After a Fungus

The name Pilobolus might sound ancient or wise, but actually how the troupe acquired it is even more interesting. Founding member Jonathan Wolken’s father the phototropic fungus of the same name and it clicked. Why? This specific fungi propels itself with extraordinary strength, speed and accuracy–all traits the dance company shares.

Worked with Maurice Sendak

The man behind the beloved children’s book, Where The Wild Things Are did much more than win our hearts through literature. He was also an outspoken social activist and, in 2002 collaborated with Pilobolus for a Holocaust-themed show: A Selection. It was also the first time the dance company collaborated with someone outside of the group and was documented in the film, Last Dance.

They Have a Guinness World Record

And are you really that surprised? In 2011, the modern dance company decided to get even bigger by attempting a very interesting feat. They were able to fit 26 people into a Mini Cooper, and held the world record for it.

Spongebob Squarepants is Involved

Well, not literally. The very show in question, “Shadowland” was created in collaboration with Steven Banks, head writer for the hit Nickelodeon show. After their performance at The Academy Awards, they decided to create a full-length show and have performed the world over ever since. Make sure to snag your tickets to “Shadowland” here before they sell out!