NWS WALLCAST Concerts Are Miami’s Biggest Musical Gem

February 5, 2018admin

Open and green spaces are community anchors for many of the worlds most cultural and metropolitan cities. When looking at the urban design of places like New York or San Francisco, cities saturated with buildings and residential areas, it’s at parks where people feel connected with their lifestyles. Public spaces become a destination for activity, connection, and appreciation for their surroundings. This is where the NWS WALLCAST Concerts come in.

When looking at Miami and Miami Beach, one thing is clear: our lack of green and public space. For a city so peppered with unused lots, it’s an odd conundrum we live in where parks are so few. So when cultural organizations like New World Symphony make it a point to incorporate accessible places into their repertoire, it’s a great sign.

A Concert For Everyone.

For the past few years, the New World Symphony has been letting the city into their high-level performances for free. It might take a few of you aback, but it’s true. Once a month, they project a concert live on the facade of the academy’s 7,000 sq-foot wall. Presented by Citi they invite the community over to picnic and tune in on the adjacent SoundScape Park. The result is breathtaking.

These free concerts, where everyone is welcome, are the traditions that make people feel a part of something bigger than themselves. This is the kind of investment in culture that generates pride and excitement. It’s what makes us all feel genuine joy to live here. Because the WALLCASTS are also ticketed for those interested in watching them from within the theater, it’s almost unbelievable that such a celebrated institution offers this friendly alternative experience.

Come One, Come All.

Gather your baskets and blankets for this month’s NWS WALLCAST taking place on Saturday, February 17th. The night will consist of three stellar movements, rounding out with Stravinsky’s innovative, The Firebird. Long considered one of his most explosive pieces, we’re excited to see it amplified in the great outdoors. It will open up with another Stravinsky favorite, Scènes de ballet, followed by Debussy’s Fantaisie. On top of that, Michael Tilson Thomas and NWS have invited acclaimed Norwegian pianist Leif Ove Andses as a special guest for the night.

So no need to buy tickets (unless you want an indoor experience) because you can just walk right up and pick your own spot. Arrive early for a view of the sunset and enjoy one of the country’s most prolific orchestras live under the stars. Catch a pre-concert chat with fellows on SoundScape at 6:30pm and see the WALLCAST at 7:30pm.

Cover photo by Travel + Leisure.