Weekly Three: Our Top Music Picks

January 8, 2018admin

We’ve named 2018 as the year for new music. Okay, maybe every year has gone down that path. But we want to help curate some delicious tunes to flood your commutes, offices, and homes so you’re constantly inspired. We’ve set out to open your ears to some of our current obsessions. These are acts we’re excited to see and hidden musical gems with this new weekly round up:


The first thing that’ll strike you is the vocals. It’s hard to believe a man can sound that remarkably soothing, but then you realize that Rhye stands in a world all its own so it just makes sense. Infectious beats and melodic masterpieces blend together perfectly with this electronic R&B duo. They’re a must jam. Like, right now. They’re coming to The Ground next month.


In a music world flooded with DJs and producers, it’s hard to find that special edge that helps you stand out. Well, Boston-based artist, Shallou has that in spades. His creations might frame themselves as ambient tunes, but he has a knack for creating rhythm out of empty spaces and catchy tunes out of simple yet beautiful melodies. Catch him at Okeechobee this March.


Parcels is one of those acts whose sound is so specific, you know who you’re listening to before the first verse even drops. Featured on the revered Kitsuné label, the young five-piece out of Berlin has a musical maturity that flirts with nostalgia and relishes in addictive tunes that’ll immediately make your favorite playlists. One of our greatest wishes for 2018 is that they somehow find their way to the states and even, maybe, to our own city.

You can hear some of these acts and other favorites on our latest January Playlist, too.