12 Standout Moments of 2017

December 28, 2017admin

2017 was a whirlwind of a year. A wonderful whirlwind. Around the world, it definitely had its interesting events, but for Miami, it proved to be a landmark year in many ways. The Magic City had many record-breaking moments that will be solidified in our history forever, and we’re endlessly grateful for having partaken in a few of them. Looking back, here are the standout moments we’d like to always remember:

Welcomed Walkability
This past year was sandwiched by two ground-breaking initiatives that proved to Miami that people are still valued over cars. The first, was the DDA’s Biscayne Green project back in January where Downtown Miami had its own pop-up promenade for 20 days filled with local culture, food, and the metropolitan good vibes we all want in our city. The second was the grand opening of the Giralda Plaza promenade in October when Coral Gables finally got the pedestrian walkway its been yearning for. Magic all around!

Launched Support Local
Keeping local businesses thriving is a big part of what we champion for our city. It’s why we make sure all of our events and stories feature local businesses at the forefront. So to ensure that these hard-working entrepreneurs have a home 365 days a year, we launched Support Local back in February and are now supporting over 250 Florida businesses and counting. Eventually, we want to support the whole state so stay tuned for a brand new website and expanded directory!

Breathed Life Into Unconventional Spaces
We believe awesome culture shouldn’t stay within the confines of a building. And, given that Miami has an abundance of unused public space, we brought some pretty great moments to charming places around the city this year. From Soundwaves at Marina Parc back in April where a jam came alive by the water, to the recent Brickell City Centre Biergarten where an open space was transformed into a celebration of beer, food, and music in the heart of Brickell. Let’s not forget our two Puppy Brunches too! One to start the year on Biscayne Green and the other to round it out at Margaret Pace Park with Veuve Clicquot.

Celebrated The Badass Women in Music
We love musical performers of all kinds but understandably we have a soft spot for the fellow female warriors out there. This year we were able to bring quite a few to Miami for some special musical moments. We brought the Argentinian folk-hip-hop trio, Femina, to The Edition for something indescribable. We got to see the incredibly powerful all-female mariachi troupe, Flor de Toloache in the flesh (not once but twice!). We brought the wonderful Macy Todd down from Atlanta, and got to cheer on our girl Yoli Mayor on America’s Got Talent. Here’s to these talented ovaries!

Helped a Big Brand Go Small
When a big company is successful, there really isn’t a need to go back and help the little guys, but we sure as hell appreciate and respect it. Which is why when West Elm reached out about their “Local” campaign, we were thrilled. Basically, they’ve included the hand-crafted work of several of our favorite Support Local collaborators as full-time pieces in their online shop which is HUGE. The whole country can take home the work of Yerbamala Designs and other favorites all year around.

Paired Music and Movement
Two things that pretty much go hand in hand anyway, but not like how we brought together lululemon athletica and Miami’s own 21st-Century orchestra, Nu Deco Ensemble. Beats Per Movement was a magical night and thanks to Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, we were able to help make it a reality. Sam Hyken, CEO and composer for the symphony worked with producer Ricardo Romaneiro to create a brand-new piece to pair with Jennifer Pansa‘s yoga flow and those who took the class and shared in the moment were treated to something absolutely breathtaking.

Opened the Doors to Casa TropiSoul
We’ve loved the amazingness of DISfunkshion Magazine forever and it was only a matter of time before we did something together for Miami. Instead of complaining about what our city was missing, we got together and created the answer: Casa TropiSoul. Our home away from home at the fabulous Ace Props, it’s our response to needing a place for creativity to not just live but thrive. It’s our weekly escape and meeting place for collaborations and learning.

Remember the time The Wynwood Yard almost exploded? Yeah that was because we brought Shakira for a pop-up secret show and she promptly made 2,000 people faint. It was epic, and one of our all time favorite standout moments of 2017.

Rung In 10 Years of the Knight Arts Challenge
The Knight Foundation‘s imprint on Miami’s creative culture is basically legend. This year, their Knight Arts Challenge which has helped support hundreds of local artists and innovative projects turned 10 and we helped them celebrate the landmark anniversary. We helped tell the story through in-depth editorials and pop-up events around the city like the Lights, Camera, 305 and the Cultural Marketplace. All culminating in the big celebration, Bringing Art to Life, at PAMM and the Frost Science Museum. Congrats to them!

Miami Finally Got its Own Listening Den
Another collaboration with Ace Props, we set out to ensure that musicians receive the respect they deserve by developing The Listening Den. The Little River prop house opened its doors to the public for the first time and backed by our super serious house rules, we were able to bring that respect to life. The Listening Den isn’t a place but a moment in time where everything stops and only you and the music remain. We want to thank Beck’s Beer, Redbull, and The Syndical for their help in making it happen.

Brought Unlikely Collaborations to Prism Recordings
We’ve been saying that more musical collaborations should be happening in Miami for a long time. We’ve also been saying that talented artists should have the necessary tools to make their music known to the world. So we brought those two things together with the launch of our Prism Recordings video series where we pair two artists for first-time collabs and watch them put their spin on favorite classics. From Bob Marley to Michael Jackson, it’s a live video that goosebumps can’t even do justice.

Connected Florida Through Culture Crusaders
Culture Crusaders isn’t just an informative (and cute) lifestyle brand, it’s our adventurous arm set to shed light on all the magic that our city, and our state, hold. This year we went on several culture crusades to Tampa, St. Pete, Orlando, and Lakeland to discover what kind of charm our neighbors have and were instantly impressed. Just like Miami, all of these places have amazing people and small businesses working to bring art and culture to their streets making standout moments like these possible. We can’t wait to embark on more adventures next year!