Press Play Local Spotlight: The Sh-Booms

December 11, 2017admin

You hear the words “Garage Soul” and if you’re not instantly intrigued, do you even have a pair of ears? Well that blend of sound exists and it comes in the form of Central Florida’s The Sh-Booms. You know those songs that find their way to your desktop either through a friend whose musical taste you absolutely trust, or just from sonic happenstance? There’s was one of those gifts we can only attribute to the airwaves of the universe.

They have a uniquely vintage sounds that draws from all the traits every music lover holds dear: deeply raw vocals, tight musicality, and one hell of a great performance. They’re the type of band that’ll have you raving for weeks after one single show, and they only way you can really get someone to understand is to say that age-old phrase: “you have to see them live.” Being from Florida, it’s an absolute treat to say they’re stateside which means we get more of a chance to support their one-of-a-kind sound.

Speaking of catching them live, we’re excited to say that the seven-piece will be here in Miami this Thursday, December 14th at The Listening Den! Ace Props is opening up their incredible shop and studio for another one of our intimate shows with stellar emerging acts. This time, The Sh-Booms will be joined by another Central Florida super-act: JOHN.k. Make sure to RSVP.