7 Things a Local Actually Does on Miami Beach

November 9, 2017admin

For all of us from Miami, we know that the rest of the world (and even some residents) see the city as being primarily just a beach with a super cool new art district thrown in. But we’re also in on an awesome secret: that Miami is so much more than its beaches. However, it’s important to note that we do have these sandy perks and that they are there for us to take full advantage of them whenever we please. So what do the real locals do when they head beachside? Take a dive:

They work out.
We do know that the salt life means looking good, but it also means being healthy. Places like Sunset Harbor are a frequent destination for the physically active, filled with options for great workouts and light eats pre or post workout. From small branches in pilates and yoga to larger studios offering spinning and bootcamps.

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They go off the beaten path for good eats.
While travelers might stick to the renown restaurants offered in their hotel lobbies or up-scale malls, locals know that some of the best eats aren’t on the big streets. Places like Under the Mango Tree, Lilikoi, and The Local House for a wholesome menu or Lolo’s Surf Cantina for an authentic beachside bite. Of course there’s La Sandwicherie which, although it’s reached international listicle status is well worth it. Or even the small North Beach gem, Moises Bakery for a perfectly sinful post-beach bite.

They grab culture.
Food isn’t the only thing that locals grab on the beach. Every one knows that Miami Beach is a destination teaming with wonderfully rich culture and a great slew of institutions at which to experience it. We suggest The Wolfsonian-FIU or the BASS Museum for art spanning many modern periods, The Fillmore for stellar shows, and of course any WALLCAST you can catch on the lawn of Soundscape Park at New World Center.

They beach it up.
Okay, yes. Locals do take advantage of the beach but we do try all that we can to stay away from the crowds whether they’re foreign or not. Either head there early (and stay away from Sundays) or stay in the kingdom of North Beach (the 80s is a sweet spot) for a more remote and quiet day under the sun. Locals also know that area for their full moon drum circles which are definitely an experience everyone should have.

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They get craft cocktails.
If there’s one thing that Miamians know how to do is get a good drink and Miami Beach, although filled with big names and tricks, is also a great spot for some spirited treats. The craft cocktail scene has seemed to find its home on the beach what with spots like Sweet Liberty serving up a mean happy hour and of course The Broken Shaker‘s popular (yet still somehow always great) digs.

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They get active in the water.
Sure, you can spend your hours under the sun at the beach and doing all the lazy things that come with it, but locals also get active in the water–taking advantage of the salt life to the utmost. From paddle boarding at all hours, to kite and wind surfing when the conditions are right, there’s always something to keep your body moving even off land. Take it one step further and rent a boat around 24th and Collins since most true locals don’t actually own one themselves.

They catch music.
The entire world might see Miami Beach as a rich destination for music which, in all senses is true, but locals know there’s more than just big name DJs that play there. Lost Weekend has a vibrant lineup of local bands, Treehouse and Trade both bring underground acts to the shore while giving local DJs a chance, same with Do Not Sit On The Furniture. Then there’s Bay Club in Sunset Harbor and even the 1 Hotel lobby which have both integrated a strong lineup of local musicians to their nightly endeavors.

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