Press Play: A R I Z O N A

August 30, 2017Ana Rojo

Electropop trio A R I Z O N A are infectious, innovative, and have taken the already popular genre to new levels by creating something new, refreshing, and almost dreamlike. With a much more mellow sound, these guys might be freshman in the music industry but they are quickly gaining notoriety.

Despite their name, the group does not come from the southwest desert state but are currently based in New Jersey. They were formed in Boston in 2015 while members were studying at Berklee College of Music and Emerson College.

The group uses elements of multiple genres to create their icy style of song. They use hints of rock with their soft guitar playing and bring the breathy vocals popular to today’s electro scene into the mix. A unique style to what is already quite common, their music is more set apart mainly by their composition and production styles. Since all three members are not only musicians but also producers, they combine these more profound skills to create a seamless sound.

After signing to Atlantic Records in 2015, the band quickly began gaining momentum and in 2016 started releasing a string of singles which got the attention of some big electronic acts, such as Robin Schultz, who remixed their song “I Was Wrong.” Earlier this year, the band also released their debut album GALLERY and have been playing venues and festivals across the country like South by Southwest, Governor’s Ball Music Festival and Firefly Music Festival.

Here is “Oceans Away” from their debut album and make sure to listen to the rest of Gallery.