How to Bring Food Products to Market

August 29, 2017admin

Ever wonder how certain items make it into food markets or nation-wide chains? Mass distribution might be easier for bigger name brands holding long-standing relationships with places like Publix or Kroger’s, but the little guys are still making their way in there. With the rise of artisanal-conscious markets like Whole Foods and Fresh Market, the eyes may now be shifted towards the value of homemade goods, but the process still stays the same.

When it comes to food, the competition is too fierce to even grasp, especially when you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur–no matter how tasty your vision might be. We’re lucky to have StartUp FIU Food here in Miami to shepherd these culinary businessmen and women along the path of least resistance. As part of their monthly event series, they’re packing a punch this Wednesday, August 30th for an in-depth conversation with some of the food market industry’s heaviest hitters.

Food for Thought: How to Bring a Food Product to Market with center around the right tools you need to survive as a culinary entrepreneur but also cue you in on what these market are looking for and what makes a product partnership successful for them. Join Jilea Hemmings, CEO of Greenie Tots and Eshe Consulting, in a panel discussion to understand how food entrepreneurs can get their products from house kitchen to retail shelves. She’ll be moderating a chat featuring Carlye Wisliceny, Marketing Field Associate at Whole Foods Market and Lily Ritchie, South East Region Marketing Specialist Lucky’s Market.

Don;t miss out on this educational (and delicious) opportunity! Make sure to RSVP here.