8 Emerging FL Bands You Need to Know

August 21, 2017admin

For many people, Miami’s musical identity tends to veer towards to poles: Latin and electronic. Although that might be with good reason, our music scene is actually filled with the sounds from virtually every genre to match our melting pot of a city. Last month we talked about the O.G Miami bands still killing it in our city, but now it’s time to shed the spotlight on the up-and-comers who are making some noise among the bustle. Here are a handful of our favorites:


A multi-instrumental quintet with musical inspirations derived from all of the funkiest genres like hip hop, jazz, and soul. SHENZI is new and small but they pack a seriously smooth punch. Lead singer, Desiree has all the old world experience you want from a vocalist with a tight band that makes a perfect mix.

The Sh-Booms

One of the greatest discoveries out of Orlando, The Sh-Booms are a genuine surprise of all-around musical prowess. Soulful and full of that visceral power that can only be felt with some classic rock foundations, these guys (and girl) are a serious can’t-miss act when they’re in town.

The Goodnites

The band may be relatively new to the Miami music scene, but the artists that make up The Goodnites definitely aren’t. Made up of some of Miami’s most talented musicians, the rock outfit has everything you want from a heavy-hitting band. Funky foundations, hard riffs, and catchy tunes that take you back to a simpler time.


Being a one-piece band isn’t easy and being a good one is even harder. 27-year old, Nigerian-born Daramola hits both of these in dreamy, sensual strides. His style is exactly what you need to get in the mood for a good night out with floating layers and catchy beats. We love his latest track featuring another local voice, Karen Inder.


All the way from Cape Coral, this three piece is one of our favorite discoveries of the year. Soulixer‘s simple yet skillful music touches the heart and feeds the soul. Their genuine love for music and down to earth vibes ooze out of their songs and into your head, keeping you jamming hours after their set. Plus, lead singer Thomas’ voice is one of the most husky and unique around.

Alex Di Leo

Alex Di Leo and his band exemplify what an indie group should sound, look, and feel like. The songs are big and emotional, but the rhythms and compositions are catchy and addictive. It’s one of those happy types of sounds that make you want to day drink and jump around with your friends, smile wide and heart open.


It’s bands like Jai Alai that make us proud of the local rock scene and its vibrant spectrum of sub-genres all strongly represented by some pretty great talents and Jaialai is one of the strongest of the bunch. Wavy and post-punk the local outlet is dark and brooding but with a positive energy that’s addictive.

The Woodwork

There’s some fun things happening in the Naples music scene and The Woodwork is among them. Jazz and folk are the two worlds this band occupies beautifully, but they have the kind of outlook on life and music that would make any music-lover an instant fan. Cheeky and harmonic, it’s almost impossible not to smile when you hear them at work.


He’s pretty enigmatic in both sound and presence, but Twelve’len is one of those artists that’s so sure of who he is and wants to be in the musical sphere that it’s a pleasure to catch him live. Strained vocals and catchy lyrics draw you in but its his obvious understanding of artistry that makes him stand out among the local music scene.