Press Play: The Pigeon Detectives

June 27, 2017Ana Rojo

English indie rock band The Pigeon Detectives, have encapsulated the British alternative music genre. The five-piece group from Leeds are nothing short of a sensation over in their native U.K. with their spectrum of sound that they’ve dabbled with throughout their career.

The group have created a sound with their melodic-style vocals and instrumentation that is similar to alt-rock favorites such as Phoenix, Vampire Weekend and Kaiser Chiefs, which they were invited to tour for during the Kaiser Chiefs’ 2006 tour through the U.K. and Europe.

Their songs create atmospheric, melodic rhythms all while embellishing their tunes with smooth guitar riffs and then the occasional booming percussion. Their earlier sounds definitely played on a much more rock vibe with a much more fast-paced tempo while their newer music has that softer, indie-electronic(ish) tone to it.

Releasing their fifth album earlier this year, Broken Glances, The Pigeon Detectives are currently on tour through the U.K. and maybe hopefully we can get a chance to check them out here in the States one day. But for now, have a listen to “Take Her Back” from their first album Wait For Me and also “Enemy Lines” from their latest album.