Miami Gem: NOA Cafe

May 24, 2017Janel Allen

Continuing on our quest as Culture Crusaders, we’re uncovering and discovering the gems that make Miami so great. There are a lot of neighborhoods and areas that seem to be “on the rise” in this city, but many of these now trendy locales are home to some of Miami’s best secret spots that honestly, shouldn’t be so secret anymore. When driving down NE 2nd Ave and passing Midtown, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a unquestioning little green sign happily hanging on a quaint white-washed eatery: NOA Café.


Owner Adi Kafri had been a restauranteur for many years before moving to Miami in 2001, filled with nostalgia for the warm weather of her homeland of Israel. Mediterranean, Asian, American–the charming hole in the wall is packed with the kinds of flavors we all love. The Midtown gem opened for weekday lunch in 2010 and eventually expanded to dinner and weekend service, to the delight of its proud regulars.


A traveler at heart, Adi loves the far East and incorporated many of their staples into her already diverse menu. Mediterranean also plays a leading role on the dish selection, adapting to American favorites while implementing the Asian cooking techniques she knows and loves. This kind of vibrant curiosity is what brings her to implement different methods and develop something eclectic yet delicious. This is where you’ll see Pad Thai next to Falafel and Hummus, Korean-inspired ribs and Flourless Chocolate Cake.


Experienced in the restaurant and catering scene, it’s no surprise that she’s perfected a warm and welcoming place at NOA Cafe, with a menu that everyone can enjoy. Next time you’re looking to impress at a lunch meeting or have quiet conversation over some of the best noodles in the city, come check out the rustic and intimate Midtown spot and you won’t be disappointed.

Photos by FujiFilm Girl.