7 Things You Need to Know About SEEING @ Frost Science

May 17, 2017Prism Prism

We’re sure your news feeds have been flooded with the awesome wonders held inside Miami’s long-awaited shining gem: the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. Brand-spanking new and barely a week old, the museum’s engagement and attendance has surpassed the team’s wildest dreams…which is a better sign that Miami is finally learning to take care of the things that make it great.

Held inside the museum’s west wing is their current exhibit on display, SEEING: WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? running from now until October. So to forgo all the things you’ve probably already seen posted by dozens of friends, we’re taking a deep dive into the details that make this temporary exhibit so special, according to Creative Director of Frost Science, Alexandra Kuechenberg.

1. It’s all about Miami.

“My mission is to initiate, develop and launch projects that spark curiosity in our community through the creative interpretation of real and relevant science. We choose science and technology topics that have a local relevance AND global impact in order to create content that is identifiable to our local community. This ensures that our content is authentic and true to its context: Miami.”

2. It’ll increase your quality of life here.

“Miami is a hub for the visual arts so allowing the community to dig deeper into what it means to SEE will broaden our understanding of that which we are looking at. We also have an amazing quality of light here in Miami. Our sky and oceans are vast and make up much of our landscape. I hope that SEEING helps our community appreciate the subtle and sometimes invisible environmental elements that play a big factor in our quality of life here.”


3. You’re going to want to party.

“On Wednesday, June 14th, we will be launching our evening event series called LATE at Frost Science. This series will take place on the 2nd Wednesday of every month and will launch by exploring and enhancing our SEEING exhibition. We will be engaging local artists and musician to enhance the exhibit and invite the community to come explore the galleries.”

4. Technology plays a big role.

“Guests will be exposed to brand new interactive technologies and completely unique creative interpretations on the subject of “seeing”. The model of commissioning artists and creative technologists to interpret cutting edge science is new to Miami and will expose new audiences to the topics being explored.”

5. Science will get creative.

“It’s more about bringing it back to the basic and realizing creativity is not just for creative fields. Creativity is critical to all invention be it research, art or technology. And that is precisely the role of Frost Science: to showcase fundamental and emerging science and technology by interpreting it into creative and inspiring experiences.”


6. We’re going to make each other grow.

“Frost Science serves as a platform for the community to come together and be curious. I hope that it exposes the city to new ideas and technologies while also serving as a space to gather, converse, create and engage with each other around inspiring subjects.”

7. Get over your fears.

She hopes SEEING will evoke a sense of childlike wonder, “Like overcoming a fear of the ocean by snorkeling at night and encountering a bioluminescent jelly – not fully understanding it in an intellectual/didactic/rational way, but leaving the experience feeling life affirmed and yearning to know more.”