Prism Tastes: White Rose Coffee

May 15, 2017Pola Bunster

When you think of West Miami, the idea of a hip, emerging coffee scene is probably not at the top of your list. Chances are you haven’t really ventured much around this side of Calle Ocho, but the treasures are there waiting for you to discover. Passing Art Deco and MiMo-inspired motels, a Tropical Supermarket, and mini malls packed to the brim with Latin mom-and-pop spots, you wouldn’t expect that Miami’s coolest to cafe is just up the street: White Rose Coffee.

Owned by the same team as Ocho Placas Tattoo Company just a few doors down, the idea for White Rose came from the need for filling a void. A coffee void, that is. Javier Betancourt, owner and tattoo artist famous for his rose designs and trademarked shade of red ink used for the petals, got tired of having to drive for a decent cup of coffee in the neighborhood. When the empty spot opened up in the same strip, he jumped at the chance to bring such a commodity to the surrounding businesses and White Rose Coffee was born.


With one month under its belt, White Rose has really eased into its clean, hip style. White roses polka-dot the tables and counter–arrangements tenderly cared for by Betancourt’s own mother. The place is every bit as local as it gets. Atomik originals add spunk to the walls while a lone book shelf draws you in, lined with indie magazines and local publications. A large flat screen plays The Doors on mute while hip hop and electronic jams keep your spirits up before you dig into your first cup of Joe.


The shop proudly uses local bean gurus Per’La Specialty Roasters and makes some seriously delicious magic with them. First off, I have to say that their Rose Latte is hands-down one of the best cups of coffee that you will have in the city–its perfectly frothy milk layered on a coffee blend that spiked with rose water syrup. It’s divine. Their espresso is paired with sparkling water to cleanse the palette, while their nitro has just the right amount of effervescent with a bite.


The counter space is taken up almost entirely by mouth-watering baked sweets, all hand-made by Miami’s talented pastry entrepreneurs like LeSage Bakery and their fluffy croissants and danishes, and Susilicious Bakeshop‘s assorted meringues, cakes, cookies, brownies, and bars. Soon they’ll be incorporating savory items to the menu, with their eyes on a potentially killer weekend brunch. Rotating items and menu specials are also a thing here, like their coffee-inspired take on a Dark & Stormy.


It may be just a month old but the spot has already got a hold of some cool regular programming like movie nights on Fridays (their vintage popcorn machine peeking out from the back) and partnered events with locals like Dale Zine. We know things take time to catch on in Miami, but the great thing about White Rose is its cool calm, just the kind of doodle-friendly atmosphere you want from a neighborhood coffee shop. In the language of flowers, white roses symbolize an apology but the only thing we’re sorry about is that there’s only one of these gems in the city.

Photos by FujiFilm Girl.