Press Play: The Head and The Heart

May 10, 2017Ana Rojo

There is always something special and authentic about folk music, songs filled with stories and emotion and The Head and The Heart are an example of that. The indie folk group have taken that Americana- folk/rock style and turned it into their own modern twist.

The six-piece band which consists of Josiah Johnson (vocals, guitar, percussion), Jonathan Russell (vocals, guitar, percussion), Charity Rose Thielen (violin, guitar, vocals), Chris Zasche (bass), Kenny Hensley (piano), and Tyler Williams (drums), formed in 2009 in Seattle after a series of open mic nights at Seattle’s Conor Byrne pub in Ballard.

After releasing their self-titled album in 2011, the group began to skyrocket into the masses. With their iconic songs “Rivers and Roads” and “Lost in My Mind”, their various instruments blended together and tight, beautiful harmonies are what makes their music pure magic.

After releasing their third album last year, Signs of Light, which has a more pop-rock feel than their earlier work, the band is now embarking on a tour, making stops throughout the U.S. and Europe. One of their stops includes a show at the iconic Fillmore Theatre on May 18. Have a listen to “Lost in My Mind” from the first album and “All We Ever Knew” from their latest one.