Miami Gem: Bali Café

April 19, 2017admin

Continuing on our quest as Culture Crusaders, we’re uncovering and discovering the gems that make Miami so great. We discovered this genuine treasure as we were doing some Downtown adventuring (you know, just getting acquainted with our city’s vibrant neighborhoods) and were immediately intrigued. The big “CASH ONLY” sign on the window is your first clue this place is bona fide. Bali Cafe‘s lack of a website was the second, albeit frustrating when you’re doing your research. The Balinese masks, deity sculptures, and wooden nooks were the last piece of the puzzle that drew us in.


When we talk about “ethnic food” images of curries, rices, and noodles come to mind first. Admittedly, we weren’t knowledgeable in Balinese cuisine (are you?) and were curious to know what flavors make up each dish. Geographically speaking, the influences are vast, both from surrounding countries/cultures and from the available ingredients at hand. Suckling meats in deep and savory sauces, freshly crisp salad where sesame seeds dance in a vinaigrette of honey soy, crispy fried fish in a sea of yellow curry–it’s comforting and surprising all at once. But what left us with a smile? The familiar exchanges with their staff, all grins and giggles, and kind goodbyes as friends. Now that’s what we call authentic.

Pro tip: If you’re as adventurous as we are, and have little to no dietary preferences, we suggest jumping all into a Rijisttafel (Balinese family-style Feast) which features soup, two appetizers, one salad, and a taste of four entrees, rice, toppings, crackers, and a dessert. It’s the perfect spectrum you can get in one sitting.

Here are a few mouth-watering photos by the amazing FujiFilm Girl.