Why We Love Our Co-Working Space

April 10, 2017admin

As entrepreneurs, our schedules and day-to-day necessities don’t fall within your usual professional construct. While most of the world is winding down, our creative juices are just beginning to flow, keeping us going late into the night–the magic hour where ideas reign free. The same goes for the kind of spaces where we feel most comfortable to create and execute. While many people operate out of offices, we like to build our own space and feel completely at home. Read why we love MADE at The Citadel so much, the co-working space in Little River that has opened its arms to some of Miami’s most creative heavy hitters. A few spots just opened up, so if you’re interested in joining the family, ask for Johnny and see what can happen.

We Get Our Culture Fix.

Here’s what you have to know about us. Like all other businesses in this city, we all live not so close to where we work. At the Prism office neighborhoods like Kendall, Coral Gables, Surfside, and South Beach are represented with pride. But what makes MADE so special for us is that if immerses us into a new environment, forcing us to discover new areas of the city we hadn’t thought to go to before. El Portal’s historically green streets, MiMo’s bursting food scene with some of our favorites like Rail 71, Cream Parlor, Mina’s Mediterraneo, and Paulie Gee’s, the gem that is Miami Ironside, and the surrounding vibrancy of Little Haiti and all that it has fought to strengthen its roots in the city. Without MADE bringing us here every day, our image of Miami would be all the less well-rounded.


Epic Collaboration is a Hallways Away.

Every entrepreneur is well acquainted with the fact that no project, regardless of size, can get done without some amount of collaboration. Every idea is only amplified by the work we can do together, gathering steam as we grow along. At MADE, many of our events and initiatives wouldn’t have come to life had we not been a few doors down from badass collaborators that make this city so awesome. Creative agencies like MRKT (our next door neighbors) who gave Support Local, Culture Crusaders, and even A+E its digital brand, and DEFY who have always supported what we do and have brought us into their campaigns with Beck’s Beer to some capacity.

Reach Design Co. right down the hall is responsible for The Citadel‘s look, and the cultural maps we designed for Miami-Dade Transit’s ‘Miami’s Never Moved Like This’ campaign. And MADE has also come to house a few of Miami’s talented makers who we’ve worked with at A+E District’s Miami Flea like Carla Merino jewelry, Kathecuervo, Laf Liv Lov, and Baiser Beauty. City Gazettes, a new addition to the co-working space, is one of the several local publications for which we contribute some editorial content.  Superfine!, OPS Events, and VLRD are also on our list of epic collabs. In short: it’s all in the family!


The Local Perks.

While co-working space reel you in with their list of amenities, no one does it more local than MADE at The Citadel, bringing in awareness to the small businesses that call the city home along the way. Downstairs in the library is 24/7 access to a refreshing ale by Bousa Brewing Co., Miami and the neighborhood’s newest upcoming brewery. Great Circle Coffee Roasters, a nearby bean company that roasts for some of Miami’s big hotels and restaurants is hot and ready in the kitchen at all hours of the day (and night). Considering some of the ties to big-name brands through some of its tenants, MADE could’ve gone mainstream there but they chose to go local and that makes all the difference.


Playing a Role in a Rising Movement

Being a member at a co-working space a great move for the city because the higher the demand, the more growth in that creative sphere for Miami, generating interest for more entrepreneurial opportunities across the board. But also, it’s inspiring to come to work in a neighborhood that has just embarked on its journey and have the opportunity to play a significant role in deciding what kind of space it wants to inhabit for our city. With The Citadel, Miami’s first food hall opening across the street, we’ll get to witness a shift in consciousness right before our eyes and we’re on the edge of our seats.