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When living in Florida, one doesn’t expect to experience the seasons beyond the slight variations of hot, hotter and hottest. And yet, spring evokes in us, as it does in most places, a sense of a new beginning with the blooming of daffodils and tulips, or the symbolic exchanging of vows.
Often times it’s both.

In speaking with Monica Delgado, owner of Simple Florals–the sister company to her husband’s Simple Rustic business–it isn’t hard to realize how synonymous these things are to one another, but also how they mark the start of three new chapters for Delgado: matrimony, career, and birth. I talked with the budding florist, whom despite her nymph-like ability to arrange a bouquet naturally admits that her green thumb is a tad bit rotten, on what it means to start from scratch.

What do you do and why?

I’m an owner of a rustic, wedding floral shop. And the reason I’m doing this at this time of my life with a kid–I have a daughter, she’s 11 months old–is that it allows me to be able to do something really creative that I love and at the same time, stay with her at home. I get to spend a lot of days with her since a lot of the weddings that I do are weekends and nights. So it’s really awesome.

How long have you been doing this?

Actually, the story is really cute. My husband and I married two years ago. I’m the creative and he’s really handy. When we were getting married, we wanted to do a beautiful garden event but when we were looking at rentals and flowers there was no way we were going to be able to afford our style. He had lost his job and I had left my job, so we ended up doing our own tables and I did my florals for our wedding. It ended up looking beautiful. Everyone kept telling me, “this is beautiful, have you done this before?” I learned everything online, practicing a few times on YouTube.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Very natural, and nature inspired. I know that has gotten popular but a couple years ago it was large centerpieces and flowers with a lot of colors. I wasn’t able to find someone that really understood the style. Something understated but somewhat beautiful. For a bride, I love to take something that has that feel of movement that looks natural and not something a florist put together. It almost looks like someone went into their backyard and got a lot of greenery and flowers, and ended up coming up with something beautiful.

What made you pursue this past your own wedding?

I’ve been an entrepreneur in a way. I have always had a job. I would work for a couple years at a company and then go onto different things on my own like when I started a dog collar company. I would do little things like that, but this time I wasn’t happy with where I was working. And I decided to take some time out for myself and figure out what I wanted to do. And at the time, I was a bride-to-be and I got into the wedding scene with florals specifically being something that I was really into. It just worked.

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Rarely do people take a hobby and make a career out of it.

Exactly. Plus, I get to work with my husband with a lot of the weddings. And be with my kid during the day.

What has been the best part of your job?

Definitely being able to go out on the weekends to all the pretty venues and surrounded by happy people, hectic, but happy people. It’s knowing that you’re going to be able to make the bride’s day more beautiful. And not just the bride’s, the couple’s day beautiful. It’s knowing that you’re helping to make that vision of one of the most important days come to life. That, to me, is super rewarding, especially since you’ve been planning with the bride for over a year. It comes to fruition. We just want to be what we needed when we were getting married.

Do you get invited to attend the weddings?

No, they are like thank you…bye. But maybe one day.

Do you think you and your husband will do the arrangements and woodwork for your daughter’s wedding?

I think I will be a total mother of the bride and let her do her thing. You know children like the exact opposite of what their parents like. But yeah, I would rather just enjoy the day.

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How do you base your floral combinations? Is it based on the smell or the overall look?

I have a process and it’s really cool. It’s a flower recipe, kind of like you’re cooking. You see what’s available, what ingredients you have and you see which things go well together. Messing around with flowers you kind of get a feeling for that. So I sit down whenever I’m about to do the purchasing and I actually draw out the flower recipe. I know that I’ll want some greens and highlight flowers. So I know what types I want in the bouquet, and then based on [the bride’s] inspiration I’ll draw out a flower recipe for them.

What would the perfect boutique consist of?

Garden roses, olive branch, jasmine vines, Queen Anne’s lace, Aster, and Astilbe. I think that combination is really nice.

Why is it important to support local businesses?

I was ranting about it today. I think Miami has gotten a bad rap because it didn’t seem like a good place to raise a family and live outside of your 20s. It didn’t seem like a place to set roots until now. We’re seeing a rise in businesses, entrepreneurship, and technology here in Miami. That’s what gives us culture. Not the big block stores. That doesn’t give us culture. It’s the small mom and pop shops and dealing with real people is what gives it the authenticity. That is important for a lot of people that live here. So when you support local you’re feeding these families and you’re able to do something more authentic than buying from the big guys. You’re helping the Miami culture become more interesting.

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