Catch These Acts at Okeechobee Before They Get Main Stage Level

February 16, 2017admin

Yeah, we’re not looking at the first line on the lineup…or even the fifth. We’re talking about the little guys holding it down from 8th line and below. These are the acts that should be on your radar, if they haven’t made it to your Spotify Weekly already. When you’re playing a festival as special as Okeechobee, sharing the list with acts like Kings of Leon, Usher, The Lumineers, Solange, Pretty Lights and more, you need the chops to get on their musical game. And these are the musicians we know will blow you away.

Jacob Collier

We have to start the list with this UK prodigy, creating a viral storm after his two GRAMMY wins this past weekend. If you’re anything like us, we swoon over a nearly limitless vocal range, and Jacob Collier‘s is smooth as silk. But what’ll really blow your mind, is how one 20-something year old kid can simultaneously play over 10 instruments in one song. Right before your eyes. OH! And film himself doing it too.
When to catch him: 7PM on Saturday. Who you would miss: Snails, Rae Sremmurd, Gaudi, Almand.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Aside from the incredible band name, the 5 piece outfit are masters at generating catchy tunes. When you think indie-alternative, you usually think some heartbroken crooning and guitar shuffling is what their music is all about, but not with Rainbow Kitten Surprise. They make that ish look and sound badass, all while having one of the funnest stage energies around.
When to catch them: 2:30PM on Saturday. Who you would miss: George Clinton, Brasstracks, The Revivalists.


If dubstep had a funky cousin, it would sound a lot like the music of American producer, Haywyre. The bass is right in the pocket, where all sexy tunes should have it, while the melodies sweep you off your feet for the perfect party vibes you want at a festival. It’s the well-rounded and uplifting sound you’ll love. If This Song Is Sick thinks they’re badass enough to feature at their pool party, he’s worth checking out.
When to catch him: 4:15PM on Friday. Who you would miss: Russ, Funky Dawgz Brass Band, The Japanese House.

Con Brio

Oh, yeah. Do you like to dance? Are you a fan of a frontman with moves that even James Brown would be impressed by? Con Brio would be bringing the straight up funk and soul all the way from the bay area. With catchy tracks and a great crowd interaction, there’s no surprise the big band has been popping up on music festival lineups all over the place.
When to catch them: 7:45PM on Thursday. Who you would miss: they’re the only ones playing, boo!

Allen Stone

I know we already mentioned vocals of silk, but no one on this list has a more swoon-worthy voice than Allen Stone. He’s the kind of artist that can make you cry, remind you of your happiest moment, and turn you into a life-long fan all within the course of one song. He’s so good, he doesn’t need another sound to accompany his chops, but he’ll be leading the Gospel Soul Experience alongside Blind Boys of Alabama and more guests.
When to catch him: 5PM on Sunday. Who you would miss: Moon Taxi, Mike Posner, Slumber.

Perpetual Groove

Once you’re hooked on jam bands after boogie-ing to bands like The Revivalists and Vulfpeck, you’ll be ready to check out Georgia outfit, Perpetual Groove. They’re great at fusing every kind of sound you like, from jazz to rock and even some synth loops. Known to followers as “PGroove” you’ll soon join the club after dancing to one set.
When to catch them: 3:15PM on Friday. Who you would miss: TRC, Russ, Pell.


Are you ready for some adorably funky jams? Adorable because the brother-sister duo are 22 and 18 years old respectably, and funky because they spent their lives growing up to names like Stevie Wonder. Their voices compliment each other perfectly and their music is just the kind of horn-heavy, bass-line you want to get lost in. Lawrence has worked with some big name artists in the funk scene, so keep these on your radar.
When to catch them: 1:45PM on Friday. Who you would miss: Jacob Banks, 12th Planet.

Roosevelt Collier

We have to put a local legend on the list whenever we can, and we’re so happy to see Roosevelt Collier on the lineup. Not only is he one of the best lap-steel guitarists around, but he’s also just an incredibly likable dude. Badass is an understatement when you hear his tunes, but you’ll be seeing him lead his very own jam, so make sure not to miss it!
When to catch him: 6:30PM on Thursday. Who you would miss: no one, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see him at the Pow Wow Saturday night. 😉


If you’re not a big electronic music fan, it’s okay. We know sometimes you need a little musical lubrication to get into a new sound, and Brasstracks is a perfect starting point. Nearly all the music you hear is a melting pot of horns and drums, where New Orleans meets the kind of DJs you actually can understand. The best part about them? They’re two live musicians weaving their sound into electronic jams before your eyes.
When to catch them: 2:30PM on Saturday. Who you would miss: George Clinton, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, The Revivalists.

Get the full lineup and snag your tickets for the March 2nd – 5th festival here.