Prism’s Top Albums of 2016

December 26, 2016admin

2016 was definitely an eventful year filled with huge moments, good and bad. In the music world though, we had a lot of big turnkey happenings. We said goodbye to many idols but also welcomed albums that would change the face of music as we know it. But there really were too many great releases this year, from household artists like Kanye West and Beyoncé, to some of our favorite emerging acts. Check out Prism’s top albums of 2016 and we’re excited to see what new tunes we’ll get in 2017!

Ana Rojo – Music Guru

Blonde by Frank Ocean

After waiting forever for Ocean to release a new album since Channel Orange, we were blessed this year with Blonde, a lyrical and musical masterpiece. As each song plays, you are sucked into the story and it is so well produced that I was just blown away by how unique he is when creating his music. We waited years for the second Frank Ocean and I was definitely not disappointed when it came out.



Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper

Rap has seriously been making a comeback, taking hints from 80s and 90s hip-hop artists and you hear that with Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper. He creates a mixtape of songs that samples rap’s earlier roots and really embodies what is great about the genre in 2016, bringing up the issues that have plagued this year– what a lot of hip hop artists have turned to in the subjects of their songs.


My Woman by Angel Olsen

I had never really heard about Angel Olsen until she came out with My Woman. This album is filled with a unique blend of songs that reflect sadness and also hope and fun and also manages to bring forward the idea of feminine power. Olsen’s voice alone is magnetic and beautiful so this album is definitely one that needs full attention.


Isabella Acker – Curator of Culture 

A/B by Kaleo


Love and Hate by Michael Kiwanuka


A Man Alive by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down


Pola Bunster

Culcha Vulcha by Snarky Puppy 

Their first studio album in nearly a decade, this one is so well put together it’s almost physically tangible. The complexities of Snarky Puppy’s music really shine through on this one, with songs that reach new sonic dimensions than the band has ever ventured out to find. Also, I’m biased because they’re my favorite band.


Malibu by Anderson .Paak

We caught him at SXSW this year and were instantly floored. His charisma is addicting, his music infectious, and the extent of his musical talent is genuinely inspiring. With Malibu, he’s bridged the gap between his hip -hop lyricism and execution style, with a Funk foundation that’s both refreshing and reminiscent of favorites like old school OUTKAST.


99.9% by Kaytranada

The amount of times I have jammed to “Lite Spots” this year is crazy. He’s definitely one of my favorite producers and has been for years, but this full-length brought together everything I love about his sound. He resurfaced some vintage beats for a B-Boy tribute, used deep bass on the later tracks, and brought in some of my all-time favorites like Little Dragon, Goldlink, and of course Anderson .Paak.


Janel Allen – Social Media Alchemist 

Falling into Place by Rebelution

Rebelution always makes me feel like I am on vacation and it’s just great to vibe to at honestly any time. It’s the best easy listening you can find.


Mad Love by JoJo

How could I not be anything but excited for JoJo’s return with an album after years of label drama? I was more than ready for this album after falling in love with all of her mixtapes and it delivered.


Remember Us To Life by Regina Spektor

Just an all-around great listen and thoughtfully made album. I expect nothing less from Regina Spektor.