Miami’s First Pop-Up Park Promenade: Biscayne Green

December 14, 2016admin

Cities, like those who call them home, are constantly growing and evolving. In Miami’s case, its current cultural renaissance is putting it on a path of creative empowerment and community expansion. This is giving way to enlightening conversations about our city’s infrastructure, emphasizing the things its residents consider most important: education, accessibility, and more public spaces to convene and relish in the breathtaking beauty that surrounds us.

In a true power move, The Miami Downtown Development Authority, in partnership with Knight Foundation will be re-designing Biscayne Boulevard into a fully functional pedestrian promenade, something our auto-driven city is in dire need of. This January, the pop-up park will transform three of the large parking lots outside of The Intercontinental Hotel to Bayside into public moments of community magic. And guess who’s helping make it fun and welcoming?


That’s right. Starting January 6th for the Grand Opening Getdown, we’re making sure the city-intervention is filled with opportunities for local makers, artists, and creators to express themselves and share their crafts with both the residents of Downtown, and the entire city. With a vibrant programming calendar filled with community events, wellness, music series, outdoor movie theaters, co-working, culture and creativity throughout the 3-week period, the Biscayne Green project will literally change the landscape of the city.

The Biscayne Green demonstration project may be temporary, but the ultimate goal is to build long term infrastructure that fosters an accessible and walkable environment that meets the needs of Downtown residents and businesses in order to stimulate the local economy and elevate Miami to the world class city status we know it can be. The more people come out and support the initiative, the more those with the power to make a change, will be inspired to actually put forth the effort to make it. We can sit back and like articles at home, or we can come out and show up to what will be a game-changing happening for Miami.


Take a look at some of the opening weekend’s events here, like wellness classes with Lululemon Athletica, a Puppy Brunch and a film screening, and make sure to tell your friends to join in on the fun. See you all there!

Watch the full intro video here.