Press Play: Black Marble

November 2, 2016admin

The strong synth sounds of the 80s are alive and well with Brooklyn based artist Black Marble. Originally a duo consisting of Ty Kube and Chris Stewart, who has continued to create music as Black Marble, his music has been largely influenced by early-80s synth pop, dark wave and has credited New Order as a major influence in his songs.

After releasing their full-length EP, A Different Arrangement in 2012, the duo took a hiatus and split up due to Chris’s move to the West Coast. Then about a month ago, as Black Marble, Stewart released It’s Immaterial, the long-awaited album that is definitely a bit lighter than their earlier work but still captures the style that the former duo created.

Originally, the duo had a lot more of a dark wave more muted sound, which you can hear in their original EP before their disbandment. You can really hear that in their song “A Great Design.” After Stewart came back as Black Marble in the new album, you can hear a more collected and direct sound with a little of that California influence. This you can hear in any of their songs on their It’s Immaterial. So have a listen to “Iron Lung” and see for yourself. And an interesting fact about that specific song, Stewart wrote it when he had a very serious case of pneumonia that landed him in the hospital for two weeks. Now that is dark.