Press Play: Ajeva at Hulaween

October 20, 2016admin

Local Florida funk band, Ajeva, has been making their rounds on the music scene here in the south and have been prominent in the Florida music scene, especially throughout central and northern Florida.

The sextet (formerly quartet) have been developing their sound and style since they started in 2013. After the addition of their two new members and the release of their latest album, Evolve, their sound is now seen as a combination of rock, soul, reggae, jazz and especially funk. Each song on the album definitely fits into each of the genres in a unique way and you can really see the blend of genres. From their first track, “For You”, which has more of a heavy hard rock sound, to their final one, “Cordless” which is a lot more soft and funk-based, they definitely keep a good balance with their music. Normally, you don’t expect such a variety in each and every song created by a musician so this was a good change.

Listeners can definitely expect to get a different a unique vibe from these guys so don’t expect a “cookie-cutter” performance; expect to have your musical tastes challenged. You can see their set at Hulaween this year and you can see what exactly I mean when I say it will be something unlike what you are used to. To get you in the mood, definitely check out “The Rise”, a more reggae funk song from the group and also have a listen to their latest album.