Press Play: Bishop Briggs

September 21, 2016admin

L.A. based singer, Bishop Briggs is definitely making a name for herself in the alternative rock music community. After coming across the singer while watching the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon late one night, I was obsessed. Her music combines the dirty rock/alternative music mixed in with some slight soft electronic reverbs, which you can definitely recognize on her latest track, “Pray (Empty Gun)”.

What shot the singer into stardom, and also got me hooked, is her song “River”. The single experiments a lot with a strong bass, somewhat southern/dirty rock that accompanies her booming vocals in a deep, almost dark sound. While also experimenting with trap-style, this song and her music overall create a perfect sound. Her voice alone just makes the music and is a powerful part of all her songs which already makes for someone with incredible and impactful artistry. If you were to only have her voice on a track with no instruments, it would still be perfection.

Bishop Brigg’s blending and cesspool of sounds makes for not only interesting music, but music that speaks for itself and she has definitely been making a name for herself. She recently caught then attention of British band Coldplay and opened up for some of their shows on their American leg of their tour and her career will only be more and more recognized. With only just releasing her fourth track, her album is probably not far away so take a listen to “River” and also her latest release, “Pray (Empty Gun)”.