Culture Crusaders Powered by General Motors

Culture Crusaders Powered by General Motors

August 17, 2016admin

As you already know, we here at Prism are constantly searching for new outlets of expression, culture, and inspiration. Not just in our city, but all over the world. Capturing those special moments of discovery helps bring these magical places and experiences to life. Many of you hear and read our stories, inspired to create some of your own. Back in July, we were honored to have been selected as General Motors Cultural Influencers and were awarded a sweet set of wheels on which to do some culture vulture-ing. As part of the quest, we crusaded down to Islamorada for an epic day trip. There is nothing like rediscovering your backyard with hidden gems and appreciating all it’s surroundings. Relive the ride with us and see what treasures await in your very own backyard…

Stop 1- Environmental Surroundings – part nursery, part bird sanctuary, part artisan wood worker. Pat the owner is curator of environmental surroundings with his tiki haven, cat fish pond, parrot sanctuary, and artisan wood craft shop – Homestead, FL

Stop 2- Schnebly’s Winery + Miami Brewing Company — sip on some Lychee Ale + wood fired corn on the cob and homemade salsa, while overlooking the flamboyant poinciana murals and green lawns of the winery – Homestead, FL

Stop 3- Everglades Hostel – an urban oasis in the heart of the Everglades, can you believe you can stay here?

Stop 4- Robert Is Here– pro tip: order the mamey and strawberry shake and sip on it while chilling at the petting zoo – Homestead, FL

Stop 5- Morada Bay Beach Café – watch the sunset, order guacamole and mahi mahi fish tacos…all with your toes in the sand – Islamorada, FL