REFRESH: South Florida Cold Brews

July 11, 2016admin

Here’s the deal. We all know how hot and humid our city gets in the Summer, so we’ll be bringing you comprehensive breakdowns of where to get the most refreshing, locally grown goodies all season long. Whether they’re Miami-based, born, or bred, if they’re investing in making this place better, we’re all for it. First, we covered the city’s brewery scene, now we’re moving on to another kind of brew: the cold and caffeine-filled kind. In a place as coffee-centric as Miami, the iced kind isn’t taken lightly…and we’re not just talking at Panther’s city-wide expansion. Miami is catching on to quite a few cultures, one of them is the roasted bean scene, finally.

We spent a few days riding around Miami and Fort Lauderdale, looking for some of the most unique and locally-conscious spots around. In the summer months, you’ll need a place that really knows their cold stuff, and doesn’t look at you like you’re crazy when you ask a full-blown Italian if you can have an iced latté. From Fat Village to Coral Gables, we’ve put together some of the chillest cafés and hangs you just can’t miss if you want to be a real coffee geek.

Let’s start from the North. Fort Lauderdale’s scene is bursting and we can’t help but notice the cultural shifts. First stop: C&I Studio‘s very own Brew Urban Café, a speakeasy-type vibe with book shelves lining the walls, furniture that would make any thrifter weak at the knees, and even an airstream peaking its head in. Next: Warsaw Coffee Company with their clean and raw aesthetic, locally-sourced coffee beans and pastries, and sweet postcard takeaways. Finally: the spiritual oasis of The Alchemist Coffee, boasting a hippy commune vibe, handmade goods, and a family-friendly environment that draws you in to a portal through time.


As you make your way south and into Miami, Alaska Coffee Roasting Co. should be your first hit with a light-filled café stacked to the walls with bags and bags of locally-roasted beans. ALL DAY Miami is the newest spot on the list, opened right next to The Corner with ten different coffee variations, a clean and light aesthetic, and even homemade almond milk. Pasion Del Cielo is another on our list, albeit of the chain variety. It’s locally-created and has played a key role in elevating the coffee consciousness of the city–our kind of people.


We can’t have a coffee list and not include Miami’s O.G. bean roasters: Eternity Coffee Roasters. Based out of Downtown, these guys also provide the beans behind hotspots like Miam Café in Wynwood and are even at local Whole Foods. The Filling Station Loft’s first F&B tenant, Vice City Bean, is bringing all kinds of refreshing brews to your cup. With Nitro brews, several bean options, and all kinds of iced goodies, we can’t believe it’s only been open for less than two months. Finally, head to Coral Gables to sample the sweetly homemade cold brew of Threefold Cafe: Jamming Goat Cold Brew. It’s artisanal and locally sourced, and light as a feather.

Vice City

Here’s some honorable mentions you can only catch at special moments, like Pokemon Go: THX Co. seriously, their cold brew is one of our top favorites of all time, plus they donate 100% of profits to non-profits and charity initiatives. Catch them at The Miami Flea and other fun events around the south land. And we can’t forget Palmar Coffee, a sweet local brand that brings the warm-hearted vibes you need with a morning pick-me-up.

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