5 Tips on Staying a Girl Boss

June 8, 2016admin

Follow these five tips to get your girl boss slay on. Whether it’s starting your own business or any other big endeavor, put your entire soul into it and allow your spirit to shine through. Don’t spend your energy looking for outside inspiration – define what you’re doing by simply being yourself. You already are your own unique blended brand, no need to try to create another one. The only way to be a boss is to be you entirely and wholeheartedly. Authenticity is the ruler of the girl boss kingdom.

1) Trust yourself. You’ve been told what to be and how to be you’re whole life but the whys were probably left unanswered. Go find your whys and then you’ll find your hows. What moves you, inspires you, shakes you until all that’s left is your soul? Do that and keep doing it and don’t worry if anyone asks you why – your reason why is enough. It’s always been enough.


2) Be vulnerable. We’re taught in school, in sports, and all over the media that weakness should be hidden because you’ll never be taken seriously and get taken advantage of. Your authenticity is not your weakness – it is your greatest strength. People connect to people. They connect to our emotions, to our stories, to our lives. Don’t present yourself as an untouchable image – you’ll cage yourself into your own box where no one can touch you. You want people to touch you and you want to touch people – you want to make them feel enough to become part of whatever it is you’re creating. You can’t do this alone. Ask for help, reach out, let yourself be supported.

3) Say no. A smile always plastered on your face won’t always get you where you want. Saying yes to everything will leave you with no time for anything. Get real and you’ll get with it. Set your boundaries so that you can stay open but in a healthy, more manageable way. Pleasing everyone won’t do you any favors. Put yourself first and make sure you’re doing what you need to do for you, then you can focus on anyone else around you.


4) Surround yourself with people motivated by the same things you are. They don’t have to be like you or like the same things you do – you want minds that think differently that will give you a fresh perspective – but they should be working to create the same sort of change that is inspiring you to start your own endeavor, whether it’s socially minded movements or financial wellness. Ask them questions, answer theirs – work across different groups that they may be part of, expanding your sphere of experience as well as your potential audience for what you’re creating.

5) Take care of yourself. Birthing your own project is just that – pushing something out of you to give it life. You’ve become a mother with something to constantly tend to and take care of, otherwise it will die – however remember that without a mother there’s no baby. Don’t neglect yourself or make yourself sick – the healthier and stronger you are the more creative and powerful you can be in manifesting what you want to construct (or deconstruct). Schedule time into your calendar for you – to paint, to do yoga, to get a massage. It doesn’t matter what it looks like for you as long as it’s for you.


Arielle Egozi is the epic girl boss behind Lady Savaj, a local lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women all around the world.

Cover photo by: Nastia JPG.