Dope People Doing Dope Sh*t: Munch Edition

May 26, 2016admin

It seems like there’s something awesome popping up on the daily in this city, from new bars to new markets that leverage Miami’s endless reservoir of creative talent. The important thing to remember here is that it’s not about competition, it’s about collective elevation. If everything in this city operates out of a supportive place, out of the need to be better as whole, Miami’s identity will shift in the right direction and will be put on the map as the cultural Mecca it deserves to be. Among all of this growth, one thing that is reigning true are the food concepts and culinary innovations filling the air with a heightened culinary consciousness and Instagram with the most sharable content there is. As a result, we’re bringing back our Dope People series and this installment will make your mouth water.

Andy Rodriquez and Amanda Pizarro of The Salty Donut
If you haven’t heard about these artisanal donuts yet, you clearly have evaded a constant flood of social posts. Eventually opening up a full brick & mortar at the upcoming Wynwood Arcade, the only thing cuter than the craft donuts they make is the family-bred environment they have created. In a little nook off of 24th ST in Wynwood, The Salty Donut perches humbly Friday-Sunday, the smell of fresh-brewed coffee and maple bacon wafting freely. Created as a platform to expose Miami’s hunger (and thirst) for a true coffee and craft donut scene, The Salty Donut has made a name for itself by collaborating with local vendors at every turn, building a community of delicacies of the likes that Miami has never experienced before. It’s a craze (they already have 23K followers in the few short months they’ve been open), and we’re sinking our teeth into it.

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The entire Bueso family at The THX Co.
Riding on the thought that Miami’s coffee scene needs a serious booster, so does the level of generosity that can be generated through success. That’s where The THX Co. comes in. A socially impactful for-profit company that operates as a non-profit, they have helps thousands of souls around the world reach their goals. So here’s the run down: you buy your product at a transparent cost (that they ensure you’re fully aware of) and then add a small donation fee to a charitable organization or non-profit of your choice. They call this “radical giving”, we call it human. Their products are all socially conscious and help the cultures and environments from which they are harvested or created. Where does the food thing come in? Aside from candles and perfumes, their largest product is coffee. And delicious coffee it is. If you catch the team popping up at any event around the city (The Miami Flea for example), make sure to try their cold brew. It really is as good as they say.


Thomas Conway and The Citadel
Smack dab in the heart of Little River lies the underbelly of what will eventually be Miami’s premier destination for food, aptly named The Citadel. Here’s the thing. For however deeply-rooted food may be within the kaleidoscope of cultures we boast, there really aren’t many places where we can roam freely among however many flavors as our hearts desire. Following the M.O. of the European market concept that found itself successfully thriving in cities all over the world, The Citadel will boast over 20 different food concepts, from fresh-baked breads at the on-site bakery to hand-rolled flour tortillas stuffed with locally-sourced goodness. More than just food, you’ll be able to experience some of the freshest boutiques and design outlets around on The Citadel’s second floor, intermingled with creative co-working offices and a rooftop bar overlooking the city. We know waiting a whole year is cringe-worthy but believe us, it’s worth the wait.


Della Heiman of Della Test Kitchen and The Wynwood Yard
What do you do when healthy food options are few and far between in a city that you call home? Start your own and absolutely kill it. That’s how Della Heiman solved her issue. Creating a fast-casual concept centered around healthy eating and fresh ingredients, she founded Della Test Kitchen, Miami’s first fully vegan food truck. Around that truck, Della then created her very own community, an outdoor hang nestled in everyone’s favorite Instagram destination: The Wynwood Yard. Where else can you peruse multiple food concepts while sipping on freshly handmade cocktails, garnishes hand-picked from the community garden just feet away? Lazing on the lawn while listening to live music and munching on Korean BBQ, supporting local creatives and visionaries, that’s the usual vibe at The Yard. With the closing on multiple music venues and cultural hangs, Miami needed something like The Wynwood Yard and we’re happy to experience it on the daily.


Adam Garfield of SpeedETab
It may not be a restaurant with fresh food or a marketplace, but we do still love to highlight local wins whenever possible. On the tech side of things, developing a platform, creating an app, and then actually changing the way people experience their day to day is pretty impressive, especially when it’s drinks you’re changing and it’s waiting in line you’re eliminating. Created in South Florida, SpeedETab is a mobile ordering service that allows you place your drink order, pay, and be notified when you’re drinks are ready all without ever having to move or dampen your night out with the frustrations that come with waiting in line for a simple gin and tonic. The app, which seems like something that should have always existed to make our lives easier, has been highlighted on FOX, NBC, Eater, The Miami Herald and everywhere in between. When you’re out at an event, see if they have a SpeedETab line and enjoy a stress-free time for once.