REFRESH: Best Homegrown Brews

May 19, 2016admin

Here’s the deal. We all know how hot and humid our city gets in the Summer, so we’ll be bringing you comprehensive breakdowns of where to get the most refreshing, locally grown goodies all season long. As our first installment, we thought we’d circle around something close to many of our hearts, the endless dance between barley and hops where water and yeast meet: Beer. There are few things as cooling during a sunny beach day as a freshly tapped beer. Miami is catching on to quite a few cultures, one of them is the craft beer and brewery scene, finally.

But did you know that out of beer consumption in the U.S., craft beer makes up just over 15% and Miami’s local average barely passes 2%? That’s pretty low, but on the incline thanks to local beer fans who are dedicated to increasing the craft beer consciousness in South Florida. Breweries and taprooms are now sprouting up everywhere, restaurants proudly serve locally produced beer on their menus, and we’re not complaining. We’re happy to see that the city is taking pride in the hard work of the fermentationally inclined. From MIA to Wynwood and every brewery in between, take a look at our picks for the most refreshing summer brews and breweries that, like our Editor, were born and raised here.


Although the youngest brewery in the city, Concrete Beach Brewery makes up its age with endless amounts of knowledge and welcoming vibes. The staff there is friendly, patient and eager to sherpa you along your path of beer discovery. Their newest beer, La Tropical, to be launched on the 22nd, was created in partnership with Cuba’s oldest brewery to recreate one of its most cherished recipes. Fun fact: they have designed multiple beers for Disney. What?
Our REFRESH picks: Tropic of Passion Passionfruit Wheat Ale, Stiltsville Pilsner, and Concrete Common Amber Ale. All crisp, all home brewed.


Next stop on our brewery tour was a travel in time to a pop culture fan’s closet which also happens to be one of the most extensive production houses in the city: J. Wakefield Brewery. The taproom is fun and colorful, awash in Star Wars murals, local art, and personally designed posters of top beers in comic book-like lithographs. It’s this nerd’s dream, both beer and otherwise. Their wall of wittily-named beers can be intimidating, so we went ahead and got two flights (8 beers) because we’re women and can’t decide.
Our REFRESH picks: ‘El Jefe’ Heifeweizen, ‘The Green Monsta’ IPA, and ‘Orange Dreamsicle’ Berliner Weisse (new!).


Finally, if you’re looking for a spot that carries every local craft beer bottled, canned, or tapped, look no further than Boxelder Craft Beer Market. The quaint Wynwood taproom is intimate and full of light, its bar at the center of all conversation. The walls are either lined with shelves for easy beer resting and chatting, or beers on beers on beers. Not only did they boast all the remaining local brews we were missing, but their staff were more than happy to help us find bottled Florida beer for photo ops and provide us with as much trivia and background info as we needed. Now that’s refreshing.
Our REFRESH picks: ‘La Rubia’ by Wynwood Brewing Co., M.I.A Beer Co.‘s ‘MegaMix’ Pale Ale, and ‘La Finca Miami’ Belgian Wheat Saison by Miami’s newest brewery: The Tank.

Remember to always support local, even when you’re going after something as simple as a nice, cold beer.