#PressPlay: Eons

January 15, 2016admin

Oh hey Miami, land of the endless summer, it got a little chilly this week. Sweater weather!!!! But just in case you lost your sweater and needed some tunes to warm you back up, I have got you covered or well, more like Eons has got you covered. Every track no matter how mellow it may come across at first, has an underlying rhythm that gets your feet moving and your body grooving. There is no stopping it, so take my advice and let it happen, let it happen (Tame Impala anyone?)!

Regardless of what your preferred genre of music is, it is a sure bet you will not be able to deny the groove Eons compels you to feel. If I had to try and verbally express what Eons sound is I guess I would call them synth-pop. And while they acknowledge all those typical Miami vibes (bumping beats, neon lights and endless nights) are unavoidable influences when you live here because heck yeah, these gents are locals! I prefer to think their music comes across as more of a galactic journey. Where the lines between space and time start to feel blurred. Their tunes will transport you to another universe where there is a great dance party happening.

They’ve just released a killer music video for their tune “All the Time” off of their latest EP, Serene Machine. The track is a nod to the idea of doing whatever you love, in excess, all the time. Someone please transport me to the magical land where this is possible!

So are you ready to start your solo naked dance party to the tunes of Eons? Everyone does that right? Scroll down, press play, and let Eons radiate through you.